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  1. Thanks CeciliaB. That seems to have actually helped, and the issue seems to be fixed. I am pleasantly surprised at the reaction time from Bitdefender. Although only one Poland based tool called Acrabit still reports this on VirusTotal, but I guess they probably cache some definitions and over time that disappears as well. Thanks anyway for your hint.
  2. I am the author of a Java based project called zip4j, a library to work with zip files in Java. Since a recent change in zip4j, VirusTotal reports of an issue with zip4j -> Java.Trojan.GenericGBA.27895, and one of the engines which reports it is AdAware. One of the users of zip4j has reported this issue, and after some investigation, I have written my findings in the post here. Basically, changing one cast of class to another is being reported as critical. This is definitely a false positive. Can you please let me know how I can get around this? This false red flag might impact the usage of my library for which I have put a lot of effort into. Thank you.