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  1. we disinfect on samsung support and uninstall Avast & cracks cordially uefm aka nathaie, noemie & jonathan...
  2. Good morning all, I'm 52 years old and a friend assigned me a drive letter to the "samsung recovery" partition and without paying attention infected the "samsung recovery" partition with onesafe, and a zip bomb, the D: / disc was also touched by the zip bomb all peripherals are connected (card, usb disk, external disk, etc ...) but only the smartphone & tablet ares recognized by the explorer we must download and then reinstall a new "samsung recovery" partition / pe environment of samsung recovery on the internal disk; But how to do it ? below reports/logs of usbfix adsfix pre_scan: Thanks... AdsFix_24_09_2020_18_01_52.txt AdsFix_25_09_2020_13_31_26.txt Pre_Scan_26_09_2020_12_49_36.txt Rem-VBS.log UsbFix-Report-01.txt