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  1. Data center support was able to disable the antivirus service so I could log in and review the settings ... Jesus Christ!!!!
  2. ok, but that doesn’t answer my question ... I have a machine without access because the antivirus blocks the access ...
  3. I am desperate. I have Adaware pro on a windows server 2019 and I have activated the "Network Protection" function. When activating the windows firewall he blocked my access to the virtual server via RDP. No released ports are working remotely, only at 80. How do I disable the service remotely? ---------------------------------------------- Estou desesperado. Tenho o Adaware pro num windows server 2019 e ativei a função "Network Protection". Ao ativar o firewall do windows ele bloqueou meu acesso ao servidor virtual via RDP. Nenhuma porta liberada está funcionando remotamente, só a 80. Como faço pra desabilitar o serviço remotamente?