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  1. thanks for your help....yes absolutely. tried all of that. no success. it looked as though it had worked, but then when i looked at the Task Manager 'Start up' tab, the launder was still there and active. so then i disabled that and again it looked as though it had stopped. then i opened explorer to see if it had removed the files and that is when Windows Installer started to run and tried to reinstall it all over again. After multiple attempts to stop that, i ultimately le it ire install. Once i accepted it to install, it has all gone quiet and basic functions are back to normal, but it is still clearly on my machine and running in the background.
  2. anti virus. in the end I had no choice but to let it reinstall itself. now that i have done this, it is at least letting me open windows explorer... but far from a nice experieice to think that an anti virus system is so horrible to try to remove
  3. Hi. i had MINOR machine performance issues so intended to temporarily remove Adaware. Uninstall would not work so i ran the removal tool. following this, i still see all Adaware file and now whenever i run windows explorer, the windows installer starts to run and is looking for a certain adaware file and then just locks the whole machine. please help