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  1. Hello everyone, Adaware Antivirus 12 is an anti-virus as well as ad-blocking software. There are many applications on the market that perform the same functions as Adaware Antivirus 12. However, after doing some research it seems that Adaware Antivirus 12 is the application used by many people. Due to the nature of my work, I want to buy Adaware Antivirus 12 so that I can block all junk ads and protect my computer. Didn't know that Adaware Antivirus 12 has a discount for customers who buy its apps? Hope everyone can tell me. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hello everyone, Currently, using a computer to download software on the network to the computer for use is an indispensable need. However, there are many applications with insecure links in cyberspace, which can cause your computer to become infected with viruses, and lose data. Hence the use of anti-virus applications is essential. I learned about and got to know Adaware. Not sure if the app is safe to use? Hope everyone let me know. Thanks everyone.
  3. Hello everyone, During my free time, I often go to Youtube to watch music videos, games, .. for entertainment. But nowadays, there are a lot of advertisements on Youtube. So I want to download a software that can help me block Youtube ads so that I will not be bothered while watching the video. I did a research and found that the Adaware Ad block software looked fine. So I want to ask everyone to show how to download such software. Thanks everyone.
  4. Thanks for your opinion, is there any solution to fix that situation?
  5. Thanks for your comment, it's very helpful.
  6. Hello everyone, Currently cybersecurity is a very sensitive issue. For people like me, going online is inevitable, so the risk of information disclosure and data theft is also very great. So I'm using Adaware software to somewhat limit that possibility. But I don't know if that software is making my computer slow? So I hope everyone can show me. Thanks everyone.
  7. Hi everybody, I want to use an anti-virus software for my computer. I searched the internet and found Adaware antivirus 12. But I am wondering if the software is legitimate? Since I have used and bought a lot of pirated software, I would love to hear from everyone. Thanks.