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  1. So I was starting to wonder why suddenly it seems to take forever to move files to the trash or to another folder or even to open a file or folder. And then in opening a folder it seems to take a while for the files inside to be accessible. So doing some googling on the issue, someone had recommended shutting off the antivirus and see what happens. So I shut off adaware...and sure enough, once Adaware was off, everything worked so much better and opened quick like it should. So why is Adaware causing this issue and what can be done? It seems like every antivirus I have tried, there is always some quirk that comes up and I end up having to get rid of it. I had Avast at one point and suddenly, if I wanted to save a file in my web browser...Avast wouldn't let the save box open. Any help would be greatly appreciated with my issue with Adaware. Thank you in advance.