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  1. This is not asking for help, because I know that from scammers like you there is no help to be expected. I saw your bs replies about uninstalling a browser extension and whatnot, and you know D*mn well that this doesn't work. You people are disgusting pieces of , deliberately infecting thousands of computers world wide, unknowingly, just to pretend that you're a totally normal internet security company when people inevitably come to these forums to ask for help in getting rid of this digital cancer. To the forum staff, tech support employee, or whatever your bottom of the barrel position is called in this joke of a company: How do you sleep at night? Like I'm serious, how do you work for these scammers day in, day out, and go to bed with a clear conscience? Or are you a sociopath who doesn't even have one? Flipping burgers or garbage collecting have a 100 times more dignity than your pseudo job, people like you are what makes the world such a sad place at times. I hope this company dies in a fire, and I cross fingers that one day you will see the benefits of a real job - morally and financially. Until then: Get #####.