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  1. Hi Cecelia, I have changed routers 3 times, it doesn’t help. I’ve even changed internet companies. I bought a $350 physical firewall that didn’t help either. There are at least 7 different BOTS attached to my IP address and about 6 other people on my block with the same admin IP address are hacked in the Exact same manor. I’ve reset my CMOS, and reset my BIOS just to have it reconfigured as soon as I connect to the Internet (within 1 minute). The only time I haven’t been hacked in 3 years is when I paid a security IT specialist $600 to come into my home and he reset the IP address manually from the Router Home page. My security app caught more than 17,000 attempts to access my LAN in a 24 hour period. Our electric flickered off in a storm one day and the router wouldn’t reconnect so I called broadband tech who told me they had to reset the IP address back to the admin address to ping the box and I told them that if they did that I would be hacked again and was within 3 minutes. I even disconnected my internet for 30 days, when I turned it back on we were hacked again within 48 hours. I’ve tried ALL of the conventional methods, I’ve replaced ALL devices 3 times! I’ve been told this is the most sophisticated hack anyone has ever seen. Even has a guy who did security for Microsoft for past 40 years tell me that he’s never seen anything like this. Thanks for the reply anyway.
  2. As far as my investigating over the past three years has gotten me is this... I have been hacked by someone using older software (2006), they are accessing me via my IP address now (admin IP address), and spybots have been attached to my devices set to reinstall in one minute if I uninstall any one of them (which there are so many). I have had my BIOS reconfigured to virtual software (TPM), my registry has been modified so that no matter how many times I have tried different security software, changed devices, emails, passwords, etc, the hack takes place in the boot menu. This hack also works with Microsoft developer tools such as Javascript, azure, MMC (Microsoft Management Console), WINDOWS_NT, and most importantly Windows PowerShell. It has gotten access to my credentials and may now change them at will, I am no longer an administrator on my devices (even though it will say so), all of the CAs (Certificates of Authenticity) have been altered/modified for extended permissions to take control of my devices, and I am being monitored/controlled by remote server, something called "Lanman", and also "Github", and I have found the virus or malware is called PANTHER. This is just the shoert version and I have spent over $12,000 in three years trying to break this hack. At this point I am just wanting to know if anyone can help me with the coding part of this hack. I have learned so much and I am sure that if I knew how to code I would have ended this long ago, basically I need a hacker to unhack me. Can anyone help me with this stupid C:\Windows\System32> hack please? I have tons and tons of files I can share with the right person. As of now my credit has been mangled, my personal info has been sold 7 times on the dark web, I used to have three home-based businesses and now becaus eof my lack of privacy I cannot do anything online except streaming and light shopping, and emails (nothing with EDOCS or anything sensitive). I am at my wits end and nobody including the FBI will help me because I am not a corporation who has lost $100,000 or more (their words). Feel free to send me an email if that is allowed, thanks Rivermom