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  1. Hi Casey: OK you owe me one, as after I uninstalled AE I had the problem that many have posted in the Lavasoft Forum here and no one had an answer. Here is the solution: I ran Autoruns for Windows and screened it closely and found the culprit. It was listed under HKLM\System|CurrentControlSet\Services and I unticked "Lbd" Ad-aware Mini-Filter Driver. Rebooted and the problem was gone. However, to be sure I deleted all aspects of the Lavasoft Lbd driver problem failing to load on System Startup I ran Regedit> HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services and deleted the "Lbd" entry. Now it is entirely gone and no longer appears in Autoruns. Keep up the great work.... ColTom2
  2. Hi Casey: To tell you the truth I sorta got hacked of with Lavasoft about AE when I found most, if not all AE problems have been resolved with the Beta version. The retention of the scan dates to include identifying the type scan is no problem at all with the Beta. I know that AE supposedly had Beta testing prior to issue, but now I feel that the AE Free version is really a "Public" ongoing Beta version for Lavasoft. It is almost a carbon copy of the Beta version with the only difference being all the problem areas within AE have been corrected in the Beta version. Why Lavasoft drags its feet in publishing the resolutions for AE when they have the solutions at hand really is most upsetting and I have no idea as to why they haven't released them. Saying that they could not reproduce the scan retention problem was a bunch of baloney. I never will spend the time and hours like I have trying to make AE a better version after I have found all this out. I deeply appreciate all that you have personally done within the Forum responding to my replies. I wish that I could think of something nice to say about Lavasoft.... Check Six, ColTom2
  3. Hi Casey: Just a note to say that I accepted your challenge about the Beta Version. I completely uninstalled AE including all Registry entries and reinstalled the Pro Beta. I am happy to report that the installation went as smooth as could be. All the scans are retained properly even to inslude the type of scan that was accomplished. They should incorporate the Beta scan features into AE immediately. In fact I have not found anything so far to report as a bug with the Beta version. Again I think that completely uninstalling ALL files has a lot to do with how the newly whatever version installed functions. Left over files from a previous version can cause havoc. ColTom2
  4. Hi Casey: Seems there is no end to this saga, as here is the latest of today's findings. This morning I booted up both the Sony and Toshiba and ran a Smart scan and immediately turned off both computers. The scans were not retained on either computer. I then ran another Smart scan on both and this time Restarted rather than Turn Off. The scans also were not retained. I might add that in the Statistics I had scan dates that had been retained for the past two days and ever since I had Reset the Statistics. I next randomly selected a file from a local desktop folder and Right clicked on it and ran a scan with Ad-Aware AE. These scans were retained on both computers. Here are the following scan events as recorded applicable the Sony desktop: 1. Ran a scan by Right clicking on the Windows/Ststem32 folder - Scan date NOT retained. 2. Ran a scan by Right clicking on the HPAiOScrubber folder - Scan date retained. 3. Ran a scan by Right clicking on Windows/cursors folder - Scan date retained. 4. Reset Statistics to Zero. 5. Ran a scan by Right clicking on Windows/msagent folder - Scan date retained. 6. Ran a Smart scan - Scan date retained. 7. Ran a scan by Right clicking on Windows/System32 folder - Scan date NOT retained. 8. Ran another Smart scan - Scan date retained. 9. Ran a Full scan - Scan date NOT retained. 10. Ran a scan by Right clicking on the Windows/cursors folder. Scan date retained. 11. Ran a Smart scan - Scan date NOT retained. The above ought to give Lavasoft support techs something to digest. I could not determine any pattern as to why certain scan dates were retained while others were not. Smart scan was retained and then again it was not retained. The only thing that I can recommend to users at this point is that if one cannot establish a retained scan date then to randomly select a local folder (preferably not a Windows folder) Right click on it and scan with Ad-aware AE. The chances are pretty good at least you will have an established retained scan date for that day. ColTom2
  5. Hi Casey: Well I am happy to report this morning that AE on both my computers retained the last scan date after making two scans on each and RESTART. So I did not have to use TURN OFF to re-toggle AE applicable last scan date retention. I reset the Statistics on the Sony which cleared all prior scan dates and then made the two scans on it prior to RESTART and it retained the two scans dates of 7/3/2009. So it appears now and I repeat now, based upon all the prior circumstances, that we have a TEMPORARY FIX applicable the problem of retaining the last scan date. Users having the problem of not being able to retain the last scan date should run a scan and then IMMEDIATELY TURN OFF their computer instead of RESTARTING. This in effect, as previously stated, apparently re-toggles AE to where it will now RETAIN the last scan date. Hopefully Lavasoft can now address this issue and include their solution in a upcoming upgrade whereas users will not have to apply the temporary fix in retaining the last scan date. As a matter of additional information I maintain extremely clean computers and all my installed applications are kept current primarily with the use of Secunia PSI which is great in this regard. I also defrag my computers 4-5 times a week and normally run Error Checking (CHKDSK) weekly. I also keep my applications loading on startup to an absolute minimum. I only have 4 or 5 loading on each computer. In closing there is one other item that I thought I would mention after reading all the AE posted problems. I believe that a good many of these problems could be resolved merely by accomplishing a COMPLETE uninstall of AE to include all files remaining after running a normal uninstall. This especially includes editing the Registry and deleting all applicable AE Registry entries. And finally reinstall with the LATEST AE version that is available. The reason that I mention this is the problems that I had previously after a reinstall where I came back and accomplished all that I have just mentioned and it resolved all the outstanding issues. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this issue has now found a temporary solution and I do not have to report back anything otherwise. Check Six, ColTom2
  6. Hi: I thought about just what you asked after I had made the posting, as some of my terms are a carry over from older days. Shutdown is the same as Turn Off. Reboot is the same as Restart. Hopefully the above clears up any questions you might have had in this regards about my posting. ColTom2
  7. Hi Casey: I hardly know where to begin and you can forget for the most part what I originally posted under this subject related to CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare. Everything appeared to be fine following my posting about the last scan date being resolved until yesterday late. Then I realized that while the original scan date was retained subsequent scans after this date were not being retained. So you can imagine the letdown that I felt at this point. I decided to take only my Toshiba laptop and start back to work with it. I completely uninstalled including Registry entries CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare and ran a scan, REBOOTED and the scan was still not retained. I then once again uninstalled Ad-aware AE and tried to reinstall and ran into all kinds of problems. I had connection problems as well as Ad Watch Live was turned off and I could not get it turned back on regardless of what I tried. So I once again completely uninstalled AE to include all Registry entries and tried a reinstall. This time everything went find and I had a functional AE once again. However, with CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare uninstalled I still could not get AE to retain the last scan date on REBOOT. So here I am with a clean install of AE and no CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare installed and I still could not get AE to retain the last scan date on REBOOT. Needless to say I had to walk away from the Toshiba and sorta rethink everything that I had previously thought was the problem related to not retaining the last scan date. I reinstalled CCleaner just to see if it would make any difference and of course it did not so I uninstalled it once again. Everything was back to square one as far as resolution being obtained. I ran another scan and checked to be sure it appeared and decided just to SHUT the Toshiba down rather than REBOOT and try something else that maybe I could think of. Low and behold a few hours later today I turned the Toshiba back on and the last scan date that I had run had been retained. Now this really blew my mind and I sat trying to think why it would now retain the last scan date. What had I done different than all the other attempts and then it dawned upon me that I had SHUT the computer off rather than REBOOTING to check for last scan date. What I am about to say is said with CAUTION, but it appears, repeat appears that when I ran a scan and immediately SHUTDOWN the computer rather than REBOOT was like a toggle switch turning on the ability to retain the last scan date. I ran repeated scans on the Toshiba afterwards and whether I SHUTDOWN or REBOOTED it for today is retaining all last scans. I even reset the Statistics to zero and ran a scan and immediately SHUTDOWN and it retained the last scan date. With the above in mind I went to my Sony which had the last scan dates of 6/29/2009 and would not retain the last scan dates. The Sony currently has both CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare installed I might add. I then ran a scan with it and immediately SHUTDOWN the computer. Upon restart the last scan date of today was now retained and all subsequent scans with it. Once again it appears that when you run a scan and immediately SHUTDOWN the computer it acts as a toggle switch that that makes the retention of all scan dates effective. So in short it appears that CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare at this point did nothing to cause the problem of not being able to retain the last scan date. However, running a scan and then immediately SHUTDOWN rather than REBOOT the computer in effect restores the ability to retain the last scan date. I am interested in seeing what happens tomorrow when I run scans with both the Toshiba laptop (XP Home SP3) and the Sony (XP MCE2005 SP3) and will make a posting with the results. This posting might be a bit premature, but I felt like I needed to let you know what had transpired since my original posting. Check Six, ColTom2
  8. Hi: Please look above to new posting Subject: Retention Of Last Scan Date Solved and you will find recommended actions on how to resolve this issue. ColTom2
  9. Hi Casey: Your remarks in another posting that Lavasoft could not reproduce the problem of retaining the Last Scan Date made me realize that I needed to try and find the problem myself. Having two computers, one a desktop and the other a laptop, both being affected got me to thinking that with all the various computer configurations with varying applications that it was virtually impossible for Lavasoft to find the answer. If they could not reproduce the problem then there was no way that they could ever solve it. The problem as related to both my computers was basically two applications. I could not specifically determine which if any one of these by itself caused this problem, but in combination together I feel conflicted with Ad-Aware AE. The applications were CCleaner (My current version 2.21.940) and Advanced SystemCare (my current version 3.3.3). If anyone has either or both of these applications installed then they possibly are being affected and are not being able to retain the Last Scan Date. The Sony desktop XP (MCE2005) SP3 was much easier to resolve. In resolving it I uninstalled CCleaner and nothing changed. I then uninstalled Advanced SystemCare. With these uninstalls I completely uninstalled all related files after running the normal program uninstall; however, on the Sony I was not required to manually edit the Registry and delete applicable files. After uninstalling these two applications as described, I then could run Ad-Aware AE scan and the Last Scan Date was retained. However, the Toshiba laptop proved to be more of a challenge. I accomplished the uninstall as noted above applicable the Sony desktop and still could not retain the Last Scan Date. I then manually edited the Registry and deleted all related entries applicable both CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare. Still the Last Scan Date could not be retained which was somewhat of a surprise after how easy the Sony was to resolve. I next uninstalled Ad-Aware AE completely including all Registry entries and reinstalled and this finally resolved the issue with retention of the Last Scan Date. I might add that I rebooted the computers every time for each uninstall or reinstall. My logic was that this problem all came about through time and with a lot of the application/s versions being changed etc. So I proceeded to reinstall both CCleaner ver 2.21.940 and Advanced SytemCare 3.3.3 and with both installed there is now no conflict whatsoever with these applications and Ad-Aware AE. My basic recommendations for anyone having similar problems is to do a complete uninstall of CCleaner and/or Advanced SystemCare depending which application/s one has installed. This would include manually deleting files after normal unistall and also deletion of any related Registry entries. Run a AE scan afterwards and see if the issue is reolved. If it is not then do a complete uninstall of Ad-Aware AE including Registry entries and then reinstall. This hopefully will resolve all related issues as it did for me. I am happy to report that all three applications CCleaner, Advanced SystemCare, and Ad-Aware are now back installed and running no operating problems whatsoever. An added note is that anyone without experience in Registry editing should seek professional advice prior to trying to edit the Registry. I enjoyed working with both you and Spike. Keep up the great work.... ColTom2
  10. Hi: I just installed AE Version 8.0.7 upgrade on both my Sony desktop VGC-RA715G and Toshiba laptop Satellite 1135-S155 and this upgrade DOES NOT fix the problem of retaining the Last Scan Date and Statistics after reboot. Ran both Smart and Full scans. If Lavasoft cannot reproduce this problem that so many of us have then I will be glad to loan them one of my two computers. They could have re-engineered or redesigned this entire scan retention function by now, as it's only been ongoing since Janauary. ColTom2 Running XP MCE(2005) SP3 on Sony AVG 8.5.374 Windows Defender 1.61.369.0 A-Squared Malwarebytes 1.38 XP Home SP3 on Toshiba AVG 8.5.374 Windows Defender 1.59.1267.0 A-Squared Malwarebytes 1.38 All current Windows Updates installed. Copy of All Programs installed attached for review. I'll be glad to unisntall any program that Lavasoft feels could be a conflict causing this problem and then test AE.
  11. Hi Casey: Are they taking volunteers for this Beta version that you mentioned? ColTom2
  12. Hi: I just installed AE Version 8.0.6 upgrade on both my Sony desktop VGC-RA715G and Toshiba laptop Satellite 1135-S155 and this upgrade DOES NOT fix the problem of retaining the Last Scan Date and Statistics after reboot. Ran both Smart and Full scans. I have never known an application of any type to take so long and NOT resolve an outstanding issue such as this. Something is amiss with Lavasoft Technical Support. Let me repeat once again that the problem is certainly not their Forum volunteers who are just outstanding, but their fulltime technical support staff. I am thinking seriously of uninstalling Lavasoft AE, as this problem has been going on for months now. I no longer feel secure in using this application as I once did. I am even more skeptical after reading where AE "Hosed" some computers after corrective action was taken applicable scan findings. Something needs to change.... ColTom2 Running XP MCE(2005) SP3 on Sony AVG 8.5.374 Windows Defender 1.59.1267.0 A-Squared Malwarebytes 1.37 XP Home SP3 on Toshiba AVG 8.5.374 Windows Defender 1.59.1267.0 A-Squared Malwarebytes 1.37 All current Windows Updates installed.
  13. The retention of the "Last Scan Date" might be working for you, but not for me and a lot of others. We all are hoping that the next version upgrade will resolve this issue which has been going on for a long long time. ColTom2
  14. Hi: I really enjoyed reading these postings all of which were written in a friendly vain. I feel that TrDo injected some items of concern about Lavasoft that so many of us currently agree with or feel. They seem to let their wonderful and knowledgeable volunteers take the brunt of their seemingly shortcomings in the timely resolution of AE software problems. While the volunteers do screen the postings for LS and pass them forward, as they deem appropriate, I wonder about the communication from LS back to the volunteers. How well informed does LS keep its volunteers informed as to the actions they are under taking to resolve these issues. It appears to me that LS is not keeping its front line force, their volunteers, as well informed as they should be. Again I appreciate TrDo comments and certainly my hat is off to all the volunteers who support LS in the outstanding manner and devotion that they do. ColTom2
  15. Hi Casey: I know that you have seen where I posted my computer data in another posting, but here it is again, as some have been updated since posting. Running XP MCE (2005) SP3 with all updates on Sony VGC-RA716G desktop. IE7 ver 7.0.5730.13 AVG Free ver 8.5.339 Windows Defender ver 1.1.1593.0 Malwarebytes ver 1.37 A-Squared Free ver Also: XP Home SP3 with all updates on Toshiba 1135-S155 laptop. IE7 ver 7.0.5730.13 AVG Free ver 8.5.339 Windows Defender ver 1.1.1593.0 Malwarebytes ver 1.37 A-Squared Free ver SUPERAntiSpyware ver 4.26.1004 So we both are running different OS's. Do you know of anyone with XP not having a problem? It's hard for me to believe that Nero could be a player in causing not retaining the last scan date. So unless someone has more definitive info I am not going to uninstall it. However, I did turn both AVG 8.5.339 and Windows Defender completely off at separate times and then ran scans. Nothing changed so I assume they are not players either. Again hopefully Lavasoft can resolve this issue with their next upgrade. If not I might bail out, as I have plenty of ample protection. But I have been with Ad-aware for so long that I hate not to have it. I feel as if I am back testing a Beta version with AE....which of course would be more understandable if it were not the finished product. ColTom2
  16. Hi Casey: If it's not prevalent on all computers then one would think that it is either one of two things. 1. Individual computer settings. 2. Application/s conflict. BTW what OS and AV application are you running? Also what other spyware/malware app's? I have basically the same on both my desktop and laptop and neither will retain the last scan date. I am not opposed to either changing my computer settings or uninstalling some applications in an effort to identify the possible cause. There was some prior comment about Nero which I have on both computers, but it hard for me to believe it would be a player. Thanks, ColTom2 P.S. I agree with you that was a rather short list of fixes in last upgrade (8.0.5) and also the connection issue seems to be the top priority. Hopefully this issue because of age will get resolved with the next upgrade, which I think they have previously at least twice tried to fix....but so far have been unsuccessful.
  17. Hi Casey: Your referenced posting was almost three months ago. Seems like Lavasoft could resolve an issue as straight forward as this in this amount of time. Do you know if this issue is currently prevalent on all computers? Thanks again for all your timely replies. Just wish that Lavasoft was the same.... ColTom2
  18. Hi Casey: I found the scan .log files for all my previous scans so my reasoning that these scan log files were being deleted upon reboot was erroneous. (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs) The scan .log files are being retained, but apparently there is something else causing these scan dates not to appear in the Statistics upon reboot. It's like something is causing an automatic "Reset Statistics" upon reboot. Now I wonder if the manual Reset Statistics feature could be the source of all this problem? ColTom2
  19. Hi Casey: Do you know or have a way of finding out the name of the Scan Statistics files and where they are stored after running a scan? These files are being deleted on reboot no doubt and that is why the last scan date is not retained. I have tried changing my computer settings applicable Temp and History files in an effort to isolate this problem, but so far have drawn a blank. Thanks, ColTom2 P.S. Windows Defender has a similar problem if you have CCleaner installed and have a check beside it in the Applications Tab under Utilities. It deletes the scan History etc. Simple solution is just to remove the check beside Windows Defender.
  20. Hi Casey: I just found that Spike had sent me a msg saying that the had merged this posting with another AE 8.0.5 - CONNECTION ERRORS (PLUS OTHER ISSUES NOT FIXED). I really don't understand why he would move it to this posting which contained (PLUS OTHER ISSUES NOT FIXED). He could move just about all the postings to this one based upon this....sorta like mixing the apples with the oranges. This makes it harder to have any continuity of the problem originally posted and follwoing comments. ColTom2
  21. Hi Casey: I made a posting yesterday that the retention of last scan date was still not being retained after reboot with the new version 8.0.5. Apparently this posting has been deleted from all Forums, as I can't find it anywhere. If it has been transferred could you tell me where and if it was deleted why? I was going to ask an additional question related to this posting. One of the fixes listed under version 8.0.5 was "Added scanning engine statistics". Was this fix suppose to have fixed the retention of the last scan date? Thanks, ColTom2
  22. Original topic title: Retention Of Last Scan Date Still NOT Fixed, Version 8.0.5 Hi: The release of AE Version 8.0.5 did nothing to resolve the issue of retaining the last scan date upon reboot. Reboot after any type scan still reflects Scan Status as "Not Yet Performed". This has been an on going problem for longer than most of us want to recall. ColTom2 Running XP MCE (2005) SP3 with all updates on Sony VGC-RA716G desktop. IE7 ver 7.0.5730.13 AVG Free ver 8.5.339 Windows Defender ver 1.1.1593.0 Malwarebytes ver 1.36 A-Squared Free ver Also: XP Home SP3 with all updates on Toshiba 1135-S155 laptop. IE7 ver 7.0.5730.13 AVG Free ver 8.5.339 Windows Defender ver 1.1.1593.0 Malwarebytes ver 1.36 A-Squared Free ver SUPERAntiSpyware ver 4.26.1002
  23. Well it now has been over a month since the last AE version 8.0.4 came out and still we have not seen a newer version 8.0.5. Hopefully in the near future we will see a new version that will correct most of the problems that have lingered for so long and posted over and over. However I am not betting on it.... ColTom2
  24. Hi Casey: Thanks again for all your hard work! Hopefully the developers will have an attentive ear. ColTom2
  25. Hi: I fully understand that Casey Boy is a volunteer Moderator and my hat is off to him as well as all the other volunteers. Without their superb help and assistance Lavasoft would never get the job done. I feel that Lavasoft should serve both these volunteers, as well as us the consumer better. I go back to my original statement about Lavasoft's current dilemma with their AE version. In fact, in a prior posting sometime back I asked if AE was even Beta tested due to so many problems. I don't think there is any doubt in anyone's mind that this application should not have been released when it was. Again someone in upper level management at Lavasoft needs to reassess their abilities to put forth a better product than the AE version and also correct application problems in a timely manner. Frankly I don't know how much longer Casey Boy and his other volunteers can tolerate the current climate. A BIG salute to all of them! ColTom2