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  1. Hi: Why does it take Lavasoft so long to upgrade versions (33 days from 8.0.2 to 8.0.3 and 48 days from 8.0.3 to 8.0.4) and then they do not resolve a lot of the most pressing issues? We continually read on the AE Forum of the same issue over and over and nothing seems to ever get corrected. Most software companies resolve application issues normally in a matter of days....not weeks and even over a month and half. Is Lavasoft short experienced and trained personnel or what is their probelm? Even the Moderator Casey Boy made a posting awhile back where he expressed his concern as to the way some things were going. Ad-aware used to be one of the hottest and most effective applications out, but not so today. It is fraught with seemingly endless systemic operational problems in which they seem to not be able to resolve in a normal period of time. Somebody in upper level management needs to get a handle of what is going on with the AE version and accomplish whatever is necessary to get Lavasoft's Ad-aware back to where it once was. And hopefully soon.... ColTom2
  2. Hi: The problem with retaining the last scan date was first reprted back in February. I have no idea as to why it is taking so long for Lavasoft to provide a fix for this problem. When you first open AE this problem hits you right in the face on the main page. If for no other reason I would think they would place a higher priority on resolving this issue. ColTom2
  3. Hi: When you run Web Update and the Update Manager installs new definition updates the AE appplication is closed afterwards. You have to re-open the AE application to continue. I do not feel this is an intended process whereby you have to re-open AE after definiton updates are installed. If so, it's the only application I know to do so. A lot will close out mometarily and then re-open automatically, but now not AE. ColTom2
  4. I have reposted in Bugs/Ideas/Features Forum as you requested. Col Tom2
  5. Hi: I reported in prior posting on April 20th that apparently the retention of the scan date appeared to be fixed with the upgrade to version 8.0.4, but with some ramifications. Today I am sorry to report that this problem has NOT been fixed and the scan date is not being retained when computer is rebooted. The date of todays scan appears in Total Statistics until reboot. This morning I ran a Smart Scan on both my Sony desktop XP (MCE2005) SP3 and Toshiba laptop XP Home SP3 and neither computer is retaining the scan dates after rebooting. So this problem is not resolved and needs further attention by Lavasoft for resolution. ColTom2
  6. Hi: I have to add some additional comments to my original posting which indicated the problem of scan retention was fixed in recent update to AE version 8.0.4. I have both a Sony desktop running XP MCE(2005) SP3 and a Toshiba laptop running XP Home Edition SP3. The Sony had an old scan date applicable AE which I had NOT Reset Statistics on and with the recent update on it the retention of scan problem was fixed. However, on the Toshiba laptop I had Reset Statistics and therefore no scan dates were appearing prior to recent update. I ran a Smart Scan on it after ver 8.0.4 update, rebooted, and the scan was NOT retained and the problem was as previous. I did another Smart Scan and rebooted and again had the same problem. I next shut the laptop down rather than reboot and then did a regular boot afterwards. I ran another Smart Scan and afterwards did a Web Update which indicated no updates available followed by another shut down rather than reboot. Upon boot this time when I opened AE 8.0.4 it had retained the scan date and now appears to be fixed. I really do not know if not having a prior scan date listed on the laptop caused this problem, but it was the only known difference other than operating systems. In addition, I also have no idea as to what specifically made it start retaining the scan date other than the procedure I used listed above. Also another item of note is that previously if you ran multiple scans on a specific date it indicated each scan on that particular date. Now you can run multiple scans and only one date appears. ColTom2
  7. Hi: The retention of scan date is fixed in ver 8.0.4 and now the correct scan date appears in the Statistics Tab! Thanks
  8. Hi: Does anyone have any idea as to when the next AE version update will be released? Hopefully it will include a fix to retain the latest scan dates.
  9. The 3 consecutive scans did not work this time, as under Scan Status on Main Screen it indicates in Red "Scan Recommended". Just we will just have to wait for AE tech's to correct. They have had their hands full with AE....
  10. Hi Raziel: No I am not talking about any files that it finds during a scan as shown in your screen. I am talking about the date as shown as scanned applicable the drop down arrow of Total Statistics: You can run a scan and it will indicate the sate of scan; however, when computer reboots this date does not appear or it picks up a prior date of a scan from previous scans. The Scan System on Main Screen indicates Status in the Red and not OK even though you have just scanned the computer today. AE is not recognizing and retaining dates of actual scans. As I stated in prior posting I ran a scan of all 3 types Smart, Full, and Profile consecutively and did retain the date of this scan which was 3/6/2009 and Scan Status was in the Green until today when I suppose 7 days had expired. I have run scans daily since 3/6/2009, but none of the new dates were retained. Basically AE is not recognizing dates when scanned after reboot and retaining them. Thus showing status in the Red erroneously and that AE needs to be scanned. I am now in the process of running all 3 types of scans just to see if it will retain today's date and not indicate Red Status for the next 7 days. I will post the outcome and see if this will trick AE once again, as I previously indicated. ColTom2
  11. It's been well over a month since this problem was first reported by someone other than me. An annoyance of this type I feel should should have already been resolved. Hopefully it will be soon.
  12. Hi: I was merely letting everyone know that the latest version 8.0.3 update did not fix this problem. I wasn't bypassing your posting about this problem, but trying to indicate info as described. Since my posting yesterday I have additional info related to this problem. By running each of the 3 type scans i.e. Smart, Full and Profile in succession it changed the System Scan Status from No Scan to yesterday's scan date when I ran these scans. It shows the Scan System Status now as OK. However, when I ran scans today it will not retain today's date and still shows yesterdays scan date. But at least iit now shows Scan System in the "Green". I also mentioned that I uninstalled and reinstalled Ad-aware AE in trying to find a temp fix. This created a prior problem that existed over a year ago that supposedly had been fixed related to "lsDelete Program Not Found - Skipping Autocheck" screen appearing on Boot. I found a prior posting on the internet by Ryan Adams on Jan 15, 2008 that describes a fix for this problem which allowed me to fix this new problem caused by uninstalling and reinstalling. Here is his fix if anyone is interested: Fixing “lsDelete Program Not Found - Skipping Autocheck†Error on Start-up Posted By Ryan Adams On January 15, 2008 @ 12:14 am In Guides | 13 Comments There is a bug in Ad-Aware that can cause users to receive the message “lsDelete program not found - Skipping Autocheck†(that is Lsdelete, not Isdelete or 1sdelete) while their computer is booting. This seems to occur after the user has uninstalled Ad-Aware. While it presents no immediate problems (other than a slight start-up delay), it can cause issues with disk imaging and other maintenance programs. The solution involves editing the registry, which can be dangerous. If you don’t know what you are doing, ask for help. Here are the steps (for Windows XP and Vista) to correct the problem: 1. Click on the Start button, then click on the start menu item called ‘Run’. Alternatively you can hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press ‘r’. 2. In it’s text field type in REGEDIT, and click on the OK button 3. In the Registry Editor, on the File Menu bar click on Edit, then on Find, and type in BootExecute (and search for it) 4. Once BootExecute is located, and selected (highlighted), on the File Menu bar click on Edit, then Modify 5. In the Value Data box, manually delete ONLY the entry called: autocheck lsdelete 6. Exit the Registry Editor 7. Restart the computer and all will be back to normal There may be more than one entry that contains “autocheck lsdelete.†If so, you will need to delete all of them. DO NOT delete any of the other “autocheck†entries. My thanks to Ryan! ColTom2
  13. Hi: I was hoping that Lavasoft had resolved this issue of not indicating last scan after rebooting with recent version 8.0.3 update. I have a Sony desktop that does not have this problem which once did, but my Toshiba laptop running XP Home SP3 still has the problem. After the new version 8.0.3 came out and I still had the problem with laptop I completely uninstalled Ad-aware AE including manually removing all Registry entries and reinstalled. I still have the same issue after scanning and rebooting with it indicating no scans and that I need to scan. Since this has been an issue for some period of time now hopefully Lavasoft will resolve it soon. Thanks
  14. Hi: Did Lavasoft Beta test the new AE version prior to distribution? There seems to be more problems associated with this new version than prior versions. In addition, providing fixes for known problems also seems to be taking longer than normal. I.E. fix for displaying file name and string of detected files, scan history deletion, etc. Hopefully it's going to get better soon....
  15. Thanks! I did a cursory check, but did not see anyhing about it prior to posting. Have a nice day....
  16. Hi: Hi when I run a scan with AE version it will indicate the date of scan in the Statistics Tab under Display: Total Statistics. However, when I shut the computer down this date apparently is deleted, as when I restart it indicates that I need to scan even though I have just ran a scan. As a note I have CCleaner version 2.16.830 installed, but it does not show Lavasoft AE version under Applications that it screens. Sometimes when I shutdown for the day and restart the following morning it will indicate old dates from 1/31/2009 on one computer to 2/4/2009 on another. It not only removes the actual date of last scan, but it's picking back up old dates etc. upon Startup. It does this even though I have clicked on Reset Statistics. Something is amiss....
  17. Hi: Just a note of thanks to Lavasoft for adding the capability to scan for Rootkits in your Free AE version! Most other spyware/malware applications do not offer this capability in their free versions. You have set a new precedent.... ColTom2
  18. Hi Raziel: Thanks so much for your info about it previously being identified as a glitch. It's hard to make a decision about what to do with an identified file when you don't know what the file is, as you know. Now I'll just sit back and wait for the fix.... Thanks again for the heads up!
  19. I think that you "hit the nail on the head" with your reply. Thanks!
  20. I should have also included that if the detected file is found during a scan and not identified how would one know what disposition to apply to it. Remove, Quarantine etc ?
  21. Hi: When I click on the Red Arrow "Export scan log" in the Statistics Tab located in bottom right nothing happens. Apparently this feature is inoperative in version AE 8.0.2. I was hoping to Export the Log File in an effort to identify the the Object File found during a scan which I reported as another problem in prior posting.
  22. Hi: I just updated to the AE Edition and ran a complete scan. It found one Object file and I quarantined it because this new application DOES NOT identify the file found. It lists the TAI number, but not the identity. I now have it in Quarantine, but still I have found NO way to identify this file. Can someone please tell me how I can identify files found, because if not I feel this is a major problem and will most likely revert back to prior version. Surely in Beta testing this problem should have been identified. Hopefully there is a solution and I am just missing something. Thanks
  23. Hi: Looks like we are reporting the same problem with each new update. Again it looks as if someone at Lavasoft would fix this recurring update problem. Oh well back to the manual source of updating as you cited. Also I have noticed that the number of views apparently is not working or only counts if you are signed in. I reviewed your posting twice and the count still remained at "0".
  24. Hi: I have the same problem trying to update Definitions that we had last week with Definitions 0061.0000. You run Update and it says there are new definitions available, it runs and then says Updates Completed. However, when you go back and open the application it still shows Definitions 0061.0000 installed and the update never took place. It's stuck in an update loop the same as last week. Looks like someone at Lavasoft would fix this problem and stop the same problem from happening repetitive. Once is enough for the same problem.....