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  1. Hi: I too have the same problem updating Definitions 0061.0000. It says defifnition updates are available and you click on Update and it goes through the normal process coming back and saying "Defintions Updated". However, Definitions 0061.0000 were not in fact innstalled and it keeps repeating itself and is another update loop.
  2. Hi: Apparently Lavasoft has fixed this problem, as now I have been able to update the Definitions on both my desktop and laptop. Hopefully all of you that have been unable too now can update your Definitions.
  3. Hi: I realize that I cannot connect with Lavasoft update site, but I am using broadband and I am connected all the time. I do not have a proxy and have added Lavasoft as a Trusted Site. I have chceked everything that you listed. I am using AVG version 7.5.518 and have no problems with it in this regards. I can connect with everything except Ad-arwe 2007 updates. In fact, I just did a complete unintsall including deleting all Lavasoft Registry entries and did a reinstall and still have the same problem. I am at a total losy as to why this is happening.
  4. Hi: I have Ad-aware 2007 free version and today when I have tried to check for Definition Updates I get a delayed "Checking information about definition updates, please wait etc" and finally I get an Error Notice that says "SSL Download failed" Suggested Action "Run Web Update". I try to run Web Update and also get an error. My current version of Definition Updates is 0058.0000. All this just started today 10 Mar 08 and I have the same problem on both a Sony desktop and Toshiba laptop computers. Sorta acts like it cannot connect to your server, but I can access Lavasoft websites with no problems. Any remedy forthcoming? Thanks
  5. Hi: Just ran the program upgrade again and installed. Everything as far as the program slow loading is now back to normal. Thanks!
  6. Hi: I just went to and downloaded the Ad-Aware 2007 Free version, but it is dated 25 Jan 08 and does not contain the latest application upgrade that has caused this problem. Some sites already have the newer edition for download that can cause the problem and that is the reason that I selected with the version dated 25 Jan 08 which was prior to the problem. I downloaded and Saved the file and then installed it over the current bad edition. When the download starts it will give you the option of Repairing the "Problem Edition" that you have installed or Removing it. Select "Remove" and then it will automatically remove the bad edition and install the good edition prior to this problem. Afterwards be sure and ONLY update the Definitions and NOT the program upgrade and this will then allow you to keep your Definitions updated, while at the same time prevent the current application problem, until such time as Lavasoft gets it corrected. My current Definition File is 0049.0000 which is the latest. Hope this did for me.
  7. Hi: I ran an upgrade yesterday (version and now Ad-Aware 2007 is extremely slow to fully load. It takes about a minute for the new update to fully load. Prior to this upgrade the application loaded almost instantaneously.
  8. Hi: I have tried everything to get the recent update installed, including downloading def files. Nothing works with updating def files anymore.