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  1. Hi Casey, thanks for this - most appreciated. I will follow those instructions (although I have just spotted that you refer to just doing a Smart Scan - which is all I currently do!) and probably will disable the antivrus for the moment as I have TrendMicro installed. cheers Phil
  2. Hi, I have recently upgraded from 2007 Plus to 2008 Plus. All is apparently working successfully, except the smart scan performed on Windows startup is taking nearly two hours to run compared to the five minutes under 2007. Is this to be expected? I have attached my SysInfo report. cheers, Phil
  3. Hi, I have just had to rebuild my PC following a disastrous crash. I've reinstalled Ad-Aware 2007 Plus and entered my licence key and licence Type, but all I get is the response INVALID_LICENCE_KEY or words to that effect. I double checked the licence key in the Support Centre, but that still had the same effect. Please can you help? cheers, Phil Wakely
  4. Hello Spike, yet again! yes, Vista does have a System Restore function and very furtunately, a restore point was taken between the last successful run and first crash report. I restored the system and restarted - unfortunately, the crash report was produced again. I have just been playing with my daughter's laptop to upgrade her Antivirus software - which is TrendMicro Internet Security (PC-cillin) and, surprisingly enough the same as mine! She has a XP machine and was running the old free version of Adaware SE alongside PC-cillin very successfully. I took the opportunity to upgrade her to Adaware 2007 at the same time as upgrading PC-cillin. Guess what!! Yes, you guessed it, the XP equivalent of the crash report to be sent to Lavasoft occurred! So I have a sneaky suspicion that Adaware 2007 (only since conflicts somehow or other with TrendMicro Internet Security (PC-cillin) - both 2007 and 2008 versions. It only occurs at start-up of the service. If you set the adaware service in Vista to start manually or set adaware in XP to not run at startup, then all works well! cheers, Phil
  5. Oops - It was famous last words! Still, it lasted four days before the Crash reports started again! Back to the drawing board again. At least tracksweep is still behaving itself!
  6. Hello again Spike! hopefully not famous last words, but I reinstated the automatic startup of the Adaware service once was installed and all has been running smoothly for the last couple of days - so I guess something rogue was in which has been corrected in/removed from Also, tracksweep is behaving itself at the moment! Here's hoping! cheers, Phil
  7. Hello again Spike! right - I have trimmed down the startup stuff as you suggest, although I couldn't use the utility you suggested as it is not Vista compliant, but I used Vista's own Windows Defender. Then turned the Adaware service back to Automatic start and also set Adwatch back to start when windows starts. It worked all of yesterday - but as soon as I booted today, back to the same error. I guess it is as you suggest - back to Manual start until (at least !)the next update. Incidentally, still no word from the Support team since the automatic email confirming receipt. cheers, Phil
  8. Hi Spike, I've done as you suggest - made the AdAware Service a manual startup and no automatic start for AdWatch. All works perfectly - I have done three successful scans and AdWatch is also behaving itself! cheers, Phil
  9. I've followed your instructions - reset and reinput my prefernences and checked DEP. DEP was only set for Microsofts own stuff, but I changed it and added stuff as per your instructions. I thought I was on to a winner. It worled all day yesterday (about ten times when the computer was either restarted or just cold started!). However, first thing this morning, we are back to square one with a Crash Report sent to Lavasoft following "aawservice.exe has encountered an unhandled exception would you like to send the crash report to Lavasoft". Looking in my Event Viewer, it is indeed the AdAware 2007 Service has terminated Unexpectedly message. I have saved the event log, but it doesn't actually tell you any more than I've told you here. I tried to copy and paste the crash report, but Vista wouldn't let me. However, I appear to srill have my Internet casche and history, so there is a positive side to this at the moment! cheers, Phil
  10. Hi Spike, thanks for these suggestions, which I will try shortly, but just to quickly answer your first question... "Did you get the auto-response that your email has been received by Support?" Yes, I did receive that email - so I do know that emails are getting through. OK - I'll now try your suggestions - and will report back in due course. cheers, Phil
  11. Hi Spike, apologies for the delay in responding. I was waiting for a response from the technical support bods - but the silence is deafening! I am using 32-bit Vista (Home Premium edition) running IE7 and also have TrendMicro PC-Cillin running. These all appeared to be working in complete harmony until Ad-aware was upgraded to I have even uninstalled PC-Cillin in an attempt to tie the problem down, but that didn't fix it. The Service terminated Unexpectedly is the only message I get, but Vista invites me to send a crash report to Lavasoft - which I do everytime. cheers, Phil
  12. Hi Spike, thanks for the quick response. I have submitted a question to Support as suggested and await with interest. In the meantime, I have deactivated by Ad-Ad-Aware and Ad-Watch from automatic Start-Up and have seen an imediate improvement - no crash report and I still have my Internet history!. cheers, Phil
  13. Hi Spike, thanks for your reply. I eventually opted for a complete reinstallation using the latest download version. The situation is now actually worse than it was! I am still sending crash reports to Lavasoft everytime I boot my machine and I am losing internet history, cache, cookies, etc evey time I come out of Internet Explorer. However, there is one slight 'improvement' in that Tracksweep now claims to be still switched off! I am really frustrated now!!
  14. Hi, I have had Ad-Aware 2007 and Ad-watch installed for some while now - currently at version, running under Vista Home Premium. I have not encountered any problems until yesterday (27th September). Since then, every time I start the machine up, I have been getting the following error message...... "The Ad-Aware 2007 Service service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 5000 milliseconds: Restart the service." I have not changed any startup settings, neither have I installed anything new. Also, and far more annoyingly, Tracksweep seems to have developed a mind of its own. I have always had it turned off, but as of yesterday morning, it has been turned on and every time I turn it off, it turns itself back on. Please help!