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  1. LS Calamity Jane--I have gotten the last three Definition File Updates very normally and efficiently through Update although I have not yet been offered an update to the Update Manager (aawservice.exe) and I did not use the "workaround". I now (happily) have Definition File 0065.0000 . Last week you said "A permanent fix will be forthcoming but probably not until next week due to the Easter Holiday." Should we still expect an update to aawservice.exe?
  2. LS Calamity Jane--It is most kind of you to respond and let me know I am not alone. And that you are trying to get things fixed. I just wanted you to know that I do close AA after each update attempt. Part of the reason is that even when Update Manager is working properly, the new version of the Definition Files will not show unless I do that.
  3. LS CalamityJane--Please refer back to my original post at the beginning of this thread. The same problem has occurred when I tried to get the updated Definition File 0062.0000. This time in order to get Definition File 0062.0000 I had to go through the Update routine four times. At the end of the other three times I was, as before, told "Update Complete", but, after closing and reopening the AA window, my Definition File remained at 0061.0000. The fourth attempt was successful. I think we need a Download Manager (aawservice.exe) better than . Thanks for your help.
  4. EDIT--Tried again (probably the sixth time) to update the definition files. This time I was successful. So the following can be ignored except perhaps for historical interest. I got the notice about the new Update Manager (aawservice.exe) yesterday and allowed it to install. Indeed my aawservice.exe file is now version Today, when I opened AdAware 2007 and clicked Updates, I was told there "There is a new Definitions File available". I allow it to be downloaded. I was told "Update complete". I clicked OK and closed AdAware 2007. Then I reopened AA and saw that while the date of the update is today (March 14), the version number is still 00060.0000. More disturbing, when I click Update again I get the message that "There is a new Definitions File available". Again, I allowed installation, was told the update is complete. I have repeated this several times. The definition files remain at v 0060.0000 and I continue to be told "There is a new Definitions File available". What to do to get v 0061.0000??
  5. Adelap--This topic is covered in several other recent threads. One is http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=16907 The site from which you can get the download for the reference file is http://www.lavasoftusa.com/support/securitycenter/blog/ You click the left side of the green icon near the top right. Note that the latest reference file is now 0060.0000 . But I was able to get it installed automatically from the AA program window today. Although slow, it did work. Maybe Lavasoft is starting to fix things. P.S. If you want to learn how to Extract using WinZip, it might be best to click Help on an open WinZip window and click on Tutorial.
  6. I tried a few more times and finally got through and downloaded the latest update using Update from the AdAware2007 window. I suspect there is something wrong with Lavasoft's servers causing a restriction in access. You may not be successful the first time. The update I got is version 0059.0000, but now dated March 11. I could have sworn when I manually updated that it was dated March 10.
  7. Same problem here for the second day. It is at Lavasoft's end. Just like the problem of long delays in opening AA2007 about a month and half ago when Lavasoft was "offering" a Valentine "promotion". We were told about this only after the promotion had ended. I think we can update manually by downloading here, but it is a pain http://www.lavasoftusa.com/support/securitycenter/blog/ The latest update is 0059.0000 dated March 10 The version number of update will change, but the date of the update remains that of the old. LS Calamity Jane--Please help.
  8. spike-nz--I understand your post to be in response to my P.S. where I suggested Lavasoft should inform Forum participants about problems/unexpected changes associated with an update. http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=9870 makes no mention of the problems etc. associated with the January 24 update. It still does not, even now. All it does is inform us of the availability of the "upgrade". While that is possibly helpful information, it would have been nice to have all the facts--something along the lines of LS Calamity Jane's post above.
  9. LS CalamityJane--Installed the software update. Yes, AdAware 2007 now opens almost immediately. Thanks. P.S. May I suggest that Lavasoft post the next time to tell people to expect something different after installing an update?
  10. Just in case you have not seen Lavasoft's explanation, go to Post#18 here http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=16219
  11. LS Calamity Jane--Thanks for the explanation. I will wait a few more days and then download the software update.
  12. I am guessing you have a firewall that monitors outgoing traffic. Like Zone Alarm. (Windows Firewall only monitors incoming traffic.) And that you have the firewall set to ask you for permission to allow AdAware to access the internet. You can set such a firewall to block internet access for a program. However, I do not know if access to the internet may be needed for AdAware to function properly. If it does not work after you block it, then you will probably have to allow it access. Of course internet access will be needed when you update reference definition files. I have my firewall set to automatically allow internet access for AA so if AA is accessing the internet it goes on in the background and I do not see any message. Maybe that is the correct solution. No annoying messages and AA has the freedom to do its thing. EDIT--I came across this thread on dslreports.com http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r19970459-slow-AdAware-2007 It is not clear whether the phoning home issue is pertinent to AdAware2007 free or rather to Plus/Pro.
  13. chunker and all--When I had the problem with the recent GUI and language update, I uninstalled AdAware 2007 and reinstalled it. (Actually, I downloaded and installed the latest install file, which was later than the AA2007 I had had.) When the time came to update (like reference definition files), I just declined the GUI/language update. The reference definition files installed with no problem. Now AdAware 2007 loads reasonably quickly as it did before. I get no ad popups. But maybe that is because I use a HOSTS file and have a large number of sites in my IE Restricted Sites.
  14. woods--The link you provided for "recent upload no good" does not seem to work. Can you find that thread or post and reprovide the link? Or tell me roughly what it said. Thanks.