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  1. When I looked today there was no sign of any update at all for Adaware SE Personal -just the AE version. Hoping it's a glitch and will appear eventually.
  2. Many thanks GoddersUK. I thought it unlikely too and possibly the old product key is just required for an update to a more recent version. I am still a little doubtful about NIS 2009 installing over NIS 2004.
  3. I know this an Adaware forum (which I have) but I am very interested in the know- how shown about NIS. I have NIS 2004 on my Win XP SP3 IE6 computer. My NIS 2994 is an OEM version that came packaged with the computer. Consequently I have no product key number. I wish to upgrade to NIS 2009 and Norton support have told me that NIS 2009 has the removal tool inbuilt to uninstall NIS 2004 and install NIS in one easy move. In view of what I have just read, can it do this without the previous products key number ? However if I clear NIS 2004 first with the separate removal tool download from Symantec and then install NIS 2009 (in two moves) surely I shall only need the new products key number anyway. I shall be grateful for advice on this.
  4. The previous larger file I was talking about was SE1 235 - apologies.
  5. I noticed this - it's also a smaller file than the previous one when installed i.e 2.64 MB as opposed to 2.69 MB for SE1R 02.04.2008 (British date style). I thought maybe some false positives had been removed to account for the smaller size. Hopefully the matter will be sorted out soon to give us the correct file.
  6. The SE updates for download are at
  7. I originally posted this topic on the Ad-aware 2007 forum not realising the Ad-aware SE forum was still being used considering Ad-aware SE was supposed to have terminated in December 2007. Admin have moved my posting from there to here. That's why it may seem surplus to other postings here as I now realise from this forum that several people are raising exactly the same topic about update defs continuing but I am not sure if a member of LS staff has definitively answered it yet. I would love to carry on with Ad-aware SE Personal Free as I have done for many years.
  8. I note that Adaware SE Personal Free (which I have and prefer) is said to have ended at the end of December 2007 and consequently since then on connecting for updates I get the message "No updated components available" which is to be expected. However I see that updates are still available for Ad-aware SE for manual download since then viz. SE1R211 02.01.2008 and SE1R212 07.01.2008. Will these updates continue to be available so I can keep Ad-aware SE Personal Free?
  9. Many thanks LS Tobias. I take it all those software updates were required to bring Adaware 2007 up to version as I now see a new Adaware 2007 Free is available for download. I didn't find Adaware 2007 Free behaving as I hoped it would and have now uninstalled it and reinstalled Adaware SE Personal which I had before and found less unwieldy and better explained. I am grateful that Adaware 2007 Free is free of course but it seems a large program and a lot of stuff from Pro and Plus seems to be in it which can't be used. I only have a home computer and am happy with the smaller SE Personal program. No doubt I shall have to change to Adaware 2007 Free eventually when updates run out for Adaware SE Personal but hope by then all Adaware 2007 problems will have been resolved.
  10. Further to my posting above I did of course mean the Lavasoft Update Manager and not Live Update Manager - sorry about that. As mentioned I have the free Adaware 2007 and the Lavasoft Update Manager still brings up the software list mentioned above which does include the update However what I called the optional ticks (or checks) in the little boxes I find are also permanent and cannot be changed on clicking and it seems I do not have the choice of selecting. The large green ticks or checks are still there as explained above. I therefore clicked "download" to update with the whole lot which included items for parts of the program that the Free Adaware does not have. Although I connected to Adaware there was no progress indication and I was under the impression that I had downloaded as a dialog box came up after some time to say something like "congratulations you have updated" or similar but my Adaware Free version remains at I crave the indulgence of one of the LS experts on this forum to explain this software update list to me, why I can't select any and the meaning of the large green ticks or checks and what is supposed to happen.
  11. I have only just installed Adaware 2007 Free I was trying it out and successfully downloaded the latest definition updates. I also got a box telling me of new software and forget now how I did it but downloaded "Live Update Manager" which listed software with a tick (optional) already in the box against the items and also a large green permanent tick next to that. I initially assumed that the large green permanent tick meant these items had installed successfully although there was another button at the bottom saying "download" but I did no more at first. However when practising again with the "update" button I kept getting this box about the software and the same list as above (i.e. the same Live Update Manager list) Its all a bit new to me and I as am not a computer expert I am a bit confused and just ask if this is the normal way the software updates are notified.
  12. I am currently using Adaware SE Personal which I realise will at some stage be replaced by Adaware 2007 Free. I am as I write in the process of downloading the Adaware 2007 Free setup file for future use as at present I am quite happy with Adaware SE Personal and will be so until the updates run out. However whereas the setup file for Adaware SE Personal was 2.72 MB in size I notice that Adaware 2007 Free is a colossal 17.07 MB in size. Is this correct? I also have Norton Internet Security which seems to pervade throughout my computer and wondered if there is any known possibility of incompatability with the two programs together.
  13. I am pleased to say that the problems of the last few days do seem to be lifting for me too. I can get straight through to the forum and I have now at first attempt manually downloaded the current 06.10.2006 defs file. Adaware's Webupdate also appears to be working as it used to because it gives me the no new components message but this was only after I installed the latest update manually - I couldn't get it with Webupdate. Let's keep our fingers crossed that all is back to normal now.
  14. Everyone seems to be having trouble. For days now Lavasoft seems to have gone haywire. Lavasoft forum has been off limits to me - always "Can't find server"- only just got through now. Webupdate goes straight to 5% and sticks without saying whether new update or not. Difficult to cancel. On clicking "cancel" a message giving details of new update appears and and then goes straight to "Retrieving Update" and immediately showing 100%. Click "cancel" again and message saying can't read try again appears. Yesterday at long last i managed to manually downloaded what described itself as the most recent update which turned out to be the one I already had - the old 19.09.2006 one. I completely reinstalled AdAware with exactly the same results. Lets hope some one sorts all this out reasonably soon. It seems to be a complete mess to me.
  15. I have Ad-Aware SE Personal Build 1.06r1 and Definition File SE1R124 19.09.2006. All has been fine since I originally downloaded the Webupdate version and I was thinking that I had escaped all the glitches that other people seem to have had with this particular definition file having read most of the postings about it. Today when I opened Ad-Aware I saw the message "Warning! Your definition file may be outdated" However the Webupdate connection told me "No updated components available" I then went through all three suggestions made by LS SteveJ in the pinned posting about update problems and now have the manual update installed and still get this warning message. I have to say however that when I initially redownloaded the Webupdate file the message did say that Adaware was initialized and OK and I thought it was cured but when I closed and reopened Ad-Aware it changed to the warning one which is why I went for the manual download. Does anyone know what is going on with this particular def file?