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  1. This latest update fixed the problem for me..
  2. Basically ad aware is useless at the moment until a new update fixes this error bug...Cant scan cause it freezes !
  3. Im also getting the same error, please fix this...It was working fine a few days ago until now..
  4. thanks, I dont have scheduled scan selected because the box on there that says scheduler is greyed out...
  5. How do i stop ad aware ae from doing a boot cleaner everytime i restart my computer ?? it keeps leaving a aaw7boot text document on my c drive folder everytime..How do i disable this ?
  6. I dont like this icon in my tray either ..This needs to be fixed !
  7. Ok thanks for the info..I'll just have to use it with vista basic when im running the program..Cant wait till the next release...
  8. There are some other problems that have come up since i updated to ! I have the free edition by the way.. First i have vista ultimate and when i open ad aware it will change my vista aero to vista basic !! It never did that in 7013 Also when i click on the gui to change it to sedona and then i restart ad aware it does nothing and still has the same gui as before !! And of course when i click update nothing happens either ! Is anyone else having this problem since updating to 7014 on vista ??
  9. Im having the same update problem too..