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  1. I find a major fault of AAW 2007 is that it is impossible to identify exactly what it has found as "bugs" and if one cleans them, all good cookies have been wiped out along with any bad ones. At least with the old version one could usually identify what AAW had found as suspicious. With this version I have to trust everything it finds or I wont have auto-sign in at any web sites, including this one, any more. Which makes the product worthless. I also find that the auto-update feature is very hit and miss. It doesn't always seem to work. Not too sure that I like this product any more.
  2. When I right-click any of the objects found and try to get further info the frame is blank. Is this because I have the free version? Also Ad-Aware SE used to give fairly descriptive titles to objects found and this one seems to want to label everything in general terms, so there is no way to associate a particular object with any particular website that I have visited. It ends up with me deleting all the good cookies along with the bad because I just can't tell them apart.
  3. Found my answers already, sorry about that! 2007 uninstalls old version automatically and the old add-ons are not compatible with this new edition.
  4. This is about the free product. I'm fully up to date and am wondering if I just install 2007 product over the top of the old one? I was hoping to do that to preserve my add-ons. That leads to another question, do those add-ons still apply to the 2007 product? Sorry I tried searching but it appears that the board is swamped with traffic, so haven't so far, found an answer.