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  1. Thank you for the link, visitor. I read this, and like you mwra, I updated [i]after[/i] Feb 19th, and still had problems. That's when I decided to stay with 8.1.4 for now . . . 'LizBeth
  2. Brusoft, Here's another thought re: your icon disappearing . . . Have you checked your Taskbar settings? Right click on your Taskbar, click on Properties; then on the Taskbar tab, click Customize, and adjust your taskbar icon settings from there. Click OK, then Apply, then OK once more. Hope this helps! 'LizBeth
  3. Hi brusoft, 8.2 has lots of problems, 1 of them being the auto update funtion. I had 8.2 and went to back to 8.1.4, for that very reason. I've never used Revo, so I can't advise re: that. What I do do, after going to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, and removing whatever Ad-Aware edition(s) you are using, is shut down and re-start my computer. If there are any remaining files left over, delete them. Shut down and re-start again. If you're using an older computer, it's better to turn it off for 15 mins or so. Download and install a clean copy of 8.1.4 and adjust the settings to your liking. Personally, I don't like the icon, but yes, when you install a clean copy of 8.1.4 it should update the definition files automatically. Hope this helps! 'LizBeth
  4. Hello, Any idea when 8.2 will be updated? I went back to 8.1.4. When I update using 8.1.4, I get the flash screen to update to the new version, but I'm not interested in updating until 8.2 is fixed. Hopefully 8.2.1 is forthcoming soon, and fixes everything gone wrong in 8.2. Thank you, 'LizBeth
  5. Raziel and Casey, Thank you for your replies; I guess I needn't worry after all. 'LizBeth
  6. I've been reading the forum, and noticed that several users are having similar problems I'm having . . . but have not found a post that mentions all 3 . . . 1. I'm using Ad-Aware AE (free edition), version 8.0.4. I can obtain updates from my admin account; however when updates are completed, AE closes and says, "Initializing components" and never re-starts. 2. The only way I can get the latest update/version to show is by totally re-starting my pc. 3. When trying to obtain an update from an non-admin account, a Windows "Run As" (permission) screen pops up? I didn't experience any of these issues prior to the 8.0.4 version. I've been a loyal Lavasaft user for many years and hope that someone can resolve these issues. Thank you in advance for your help. 'LizBeth P.S. I'm running Win XP Home Edition w/SP3.