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  1. Thanks Spike, Am concerned cos the def's picture is one like when it cant find a program. Also, are you saying that there is nothing to worry about cos it produces a negative scan? Thanks MV740
  2. Hi, Thank you for your response. Still receiving error message when attempting to retrieve update! grrrr Had trouble yesterday accessing the download via website. Gave up till this morning. Once again, am receiving error message when trying to retrieve update. When checking defs it was showing defs for date of 05.10 - ran scan - didnt pickup anything to delete (very odd). Downloaded defs today to desktop and unzipped files to my Adaware SE Personal folder. Now shows defs for 06.10 - ran scan again - no objects to remove. Once again, very odd. Still unable to retrieve - and no objects to delete - should I be worried?
  3. Hi, I tried to download the files but had problem with the exe. My system doesnt recognise the extension and goes on a search.
  4. Hi, I too am unable to get updates. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Dont know how to do a manual update. Tried loading some file, but that didnt help. Does anyone know what the problem is??????