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  1. Hi everyone I would like to associate myself with the 'problem' discussed in this thread Running Windows Xp Sp3 If I accept the Lavasoft offer to 'upgrade' to version 8.2 of Ad-Aware my system slows down to a crawl and frequently crashes. Really frustrating. If I uninstall and reinstall version 8.1 then everything returns to normal. Lavasoft suggest it is only Xp which is involved and say I should turn off 'file scan' Not clear what is meant by this. If 8.1 runs OK what is it in the 8.2 code which is causing the problem ? Anyone any suggestion ?
  2. Thanks Spike. I saw your note and much apprciate the help Keith
  3. Hello Everyone Running Ad Aware Plus (build 1.06r1) on Windows Me I recently (mistakenly) uninstalled my copy of Ad aware and cannot now access the original download to recover. I have tried to get back my original copy and have partially succeeded but Ad Watch will now not launch Anyone any idea how I sort out the problem with the 'site files' ? Thanks Keith
  4. I see from this thread there are several of us with this 'problem' I am running Ad-Aware Plus (build 1.06r1) Suffering (as other have) I thought I will try. Uninstall / Reinstall Big Mistake !! I bought my copy in May 2005 and cannot access the original download. Trying to recover my 'uninstalled' copy I partially succeeded but am now missin the manual (I can download another copy of that from the site) but much worse Ad Watch will not launch. I get the error message Internal Error-Site files missing or corrupted. How can I correct that ? What does lavasoft say about the update problem described in the thread ? Thanks Keith
  5. Hello everyone. I am new. Running Ad-Aware plus build 1.06r1 on Windows Me Had a recent problem with 'update' feature (so have others according to this forum) I thought I will unistall-reinstall Big mistake !! I bought my software in May 2005 so cannot download up to date version. Tried to recover my unistalled copy and have nearly done so except 1) I have lost the manual 2) Ad Watch will not launch tells me Site Files are missing or corrupted Help please 1) Is not critical as I can download another manual from the site 2) Is a real pain - how can I recover ? Any thoughts and/ or instructions much appreciated Thanks Keith