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  1. I am a very Old Time Registered User of AdAware Plus. I got it direct from AdAware years and years ago, back when there were no serial numbers; you'd get an email with a login and password to the site where you could then download the latest version. You had to wait for that email direct from AdAware! So anyhow, months ago, when 2007 was first beta'd, I sent multiple emails to AdAware telling them I was a registered Plus user, and I have no serial number. Got no reply's... And the early versions of 2007 had problems, so since I wasn't reciving answers to my emails, I just kept using my old reliable SE + version. Now AdAware is approaching me with emails suggesting that I upgrade. Still don't have a serial number (as my multiple emails would attend: Had anyone answered them. This week I get an email indicating that my Beloved AdAware SE Plus will EXPIRE SHORTLY. I certainly hope that this means that program as it is, will still run, just won't update with newer definations. I can't upgrade, I don't have a Serial Number, Even though I bought it directly from Lavasoft, and have sent multiple emails to them asking how to proceed. If I leave.... It won't be because I didn't try and warn you!!! Jan Janowski Skokie, Illinois, USA You should have my email address, if not, PM me at DSLREPORTS.COM
  2. Thanks to all on this subject.... I used the router at first to see if it would work, and this posting was due to a posting elsewhere where I was told otherwise. Thanks for the direction... and suggestions!!!
  3. Over the past couple years, I've seen 2o7 turn up in Ad-Aware Plus scans.... along with other items..... A little over a year ago, I started blocking keywords in my router, and significantly reduced the amount of those keywords in subsequent Ad-Aware scans.... Now I'm not trying to eliminate Ad-Aware Plus from my system, just augment it with keyword blocking in my router. By doing this, I see much less Doubleclick, Fastclick, Clicktracks entries in subsequent Ad-Aware scans... It appears to be helping somewhat.... My question is not about blocking in a router.... My question is specifically about 2o7 Is this Spyware, and should it be blocked (like I still see occasionally in Ad-Aware scans?), or is this a benign item that should be passed? I seem to be in a discussion about this specific item at another forum, where it is claimed that it isn't something that should be blocked..... I figured that if any place should know if somthing is something I should block or not, it would be here!!! Should 2o7 be allowed out or should I block it? Thanks much.... Jan
  4. When I add a new favorite in IE, sometimes the site has a custom Logo that is loaded in to Favorites making the selection of that site easier, as I look for the logo. Any time I do a scan in Ad Aware +, somewhere in the MRU List are of the scan is where the logo's in IE Favorites are found by Ad Aware. If I forget and highlight MRU List for deletion, then the logo's in IE are erased. Retrieving them from Ad Aware won't recall them. I've found the only way is to save the site as a favorite in a different location in IE, then delete the favorite link without the Icon where it was, and then move the newly stored Icon & link back to where I wanted it in the first place, and finally scold myself for selecting Delet MRU List. So, my question is this.... How can I determine which of the items in MRU List is the IE Favorites Icons, and secondly how do I tell Ad Aware + NOT to select this one item? Been a registered + User for years.... Keep up the good work!!!