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  1. Thanks TXNNOK. I did exactly that but it still did not work. However, I have just updated to 126 and all worked well. Must have been a glitch with 125. Many thanks for your help though.
  2. Hi, I too have this problem. I have tried your suggestion for manually installing with Vista, but it did not work. Any further help would be appreciated please.
  3. Thanks LS CalamityJane. All malware found was privacy and cookies!!
  4. I am using the free version of AdAware 2007 and find that despite setting up the quarantine facility it does not work for me. Is it only available in the Plus and Pro versions? Grateful of your advice please.
  5. Thank you davidthew. I have read the MS Directive but think that it only refers to IE 6. I have IE7. although it states at the end of the Directive that it applies to IE7, and, as I am only experiencing this problem with Ad-Aware, I would rather wait until Ad-Aware produce a fix, rather than change my Registry at this time. But many thanks for your input. Thanks also to you Spike. Should I always leave aawservice.exe set to automatic in Services? Or, set it to Manual? I did read somewhere that it only needs to be running automatically with Ad-Aware Plus or Pro.
  6. I would appreciate a small response to my last message please!
  7. I have just downloaded the current definitions update successfully - but after it installed I got an Error Message "Service Error 6100. Lost contact with Ad-Aware Service. Terminating gracefully." When I restarted Ad-Aware the definitions had indeed been updated. Question is, why the Error message?
  8. I think I might have sorted this issue. Due to the way I connect to the Internet I have to use a Proxy Server. I have set Ad-Aware to use this Proxy and it appears to work. However, I must wait until you have an update available to really try to confirm. Why Ashampoo Firewall has caused this I really do not know. I have never had to set Ad-Aware this way in the past. Fingers crossed!!
  9. I am using AdAware 2007 Free edition which was up to date as per two days ago. I am using Ashampoo Firewall which I have just installed and trialing. I have Windows XP SP2 - fully up to date. I use AVG Antivirus free edition. Since installing Ashampoo firewall I cannot connect to Webupdate for your programme. I get the Error message "SSL downloasd failed." I have set the firewall to allow AdAware full access for LSUpdate, Adaware 2007 and Aawservice. I still get the error message. I have followed your instructions in the FAQs and switched off the firewall, no change I still get the message. I have switched off my Antivirus and still I get the message. For your information all other programmes requiring internet access are being allowed by the firewall. Any ideas please?
  10. Just to support you Mario, I have exactly the same problem. I also find that after these messages when I restart Ad-Aware the new Def file has been installed!!??
  11. When manually checking for new definitions updates I get an Error Message stating that the Web server cannot be contacted. When I click OK I get another message that the update is ready to download. I download it and another Error Message tells me that there has been a problem and the programme needs to close down. It does so automatically. When I restart it the new definitions have indeed been installed and all appears all right. Is this a general problem?
  12. Have just tried again and have now updated to Defs 127 successfully. Must have been a glitch somewhere between yourselves and my PC.
  13. I have tried several times to get this update and it will only show as the previous one - 126. Have carried out the instructions given on a previous thread - deleting the Defs files and pointing AdAware to the new downloaded one, but it still shows as 126 and not 127. When I try to download 127 I get the message that no updates are avaiable!