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  1. Thanks for the info ! yet another reason for me to switch I guess.
  2. searching turned up zip. Has there been any discussion on Lavasoft writing Ad Aware for Linux?
  3. My Problem Solved !! The day after I wrote in on this thread, I re-ran chkdsk and found additional problems in the file system. This got me suspicious about the hard drive since I had no crashes etc during the 2 day period between chkdsk runs and finding more file errors after just a few days is certainly out of place. Last night I completed installing a new hard drive and mirrored over my original install of Windows XP to it from the ailing original hard drive. (The original drive was now running noticably slower than normal and files were being visibly corrupted.) After doing chkdsk on the new drive after installation to fix the problems on it due to the old drive, Ad Aware worked fine and completed a full scan!!!! So after much troubleshooting the past few days it appears confirmed that Ad Aware was giving me an early indication of progressing hard drive failure and did not complete its scan due to file system problems. Just as one of the FAQs from the experts suggested - do chkdsk and defrag and re-run Ad Aware. All thats left is to do a Windows repair-install to fix a few visible gliches that occurred during the final hours of the old drives operation.
  4. After years of running a pretty tight ship with Ad Aware and Trend Micro Internet Security on my 5 computer home network, I am having the exact same trouble with Ad Aware on 1 computer for the last 3 days. Same bogus stats, etc as detailed in the first posting here. When Ad Aware stops progressing, the task manager shows zero CPU usage for Ad Aware. I have tried the posted suggestions for similar problems that have been detailed in other posts. Whatever minor items I have found during the past 3 days of scanning has been deleted and now Scans are clean from Trend Internet Security on anti virus and spyware detection; Lavasoft virtumonde, and Look2me. Spy- search and destroy was installed, run (no results) and uninstalled. Still no help when I run AA. I have tried to use a protected version of Ad Aware by loading a complete AA program on a USB stick and setting defs and program files to "read only". All to no avail. It still runs slow and then stops. Hitting cancel twice will bring it back to the start screen. I have tried running it in custom scan on just hard drive files, avoiding memory and registry but the results are the same- somewhere in mid-scan it stops. When this happens there is no indication of spyware files found during the early part of the scan. Early on in this process 3 days ago I uninstalled AA, ran chkdsk, defrag, re-installed AA. No help. This seems to be a challenge................I know something is there somewhere........... Any ideas? Thanks, Mark