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  1. Hello. I have a low rate Internet connection and I have the same error message when running Ad-Aware off line. This is because the Automatic Update is ON by default and Ad-Aware is unable to open the connection panel to Internet as my Firefox browser does. You may want to disable this Auto Update feature in "Settings-Auto Scans-Safety" by turning OFF "Update Definitions on startup". But you can always update yourself your Definitions file using "Web Update" and ask to be notified when Definitions File is outdated in "Web Update Setttings". I hope this could help somebody. Regards.
  2. I have juste seen that the problem is explained here:
  3. I had the same problem a few days ago. Each time I used WebUpdate, the update was completed without an error but the definitions file was always the old one from 06 October 2006. The work around was to go on the Lavasoft web site, download myself the new zipped definitions file from the link "Download current definition file" (from 18 October at that time), then I unzipped it and copied it in the Ad-Aware folder and all was OK! Hope this could help you.
  4. Hi! I have been using Ad-Aware SE 1.06 without any problems since several months But recently I have also encountered some problems while updating the definitions file. About one month ago, I received an error message from the integrated Update while it was downloading the defintions file. And also, I was unable to download the file myself from the link on the Lavasost site. These problems desappeared some days later and I could update my definitions. Strange... Yesterday, I was warned that my definitions file was obsolete (19 days old definitions from October 06) and I started the integrated update. A new file has been found (from October 18), it was downloaded and installed, and surprise: Ad-Aware said that it was the same obsolete file from October 06! I looked in the Lavasoft folder on my PC and the old and new file seemed to be identical having the same size. I tried several times to update and it was the same thing. Finally, I downloaded the file myself from the link on the Lavasoft site, I unzipped it and I copied it in the Lavasoft folder (it was a little bigger than the previous file) and all was OK: Ad-Aware recognized the file as being from October 18. Again very strange.... I would like to add that these problems appeared with a message in the integrated update saying that the new Lavasoft site has been modified. If this could help you in solving these little problems... Richard