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  1. Sorry, lav101, you don't get to misinterpret nor misrepresent my posts. Your comment "...and it looks like Lavasoft just admitted why they inflicted this new always running ap on us - so they could pop ads." is only your opinion, and not the reason from the Lavasoft perspective. You've got to ask us if you want those answers straight from the horses mouth. The reason that Lavasoft has an app that runs all the time - otherwise known as realtime protection - is because that is the only ethical way to protect users from what is happening in malware today. If we claim to provide the best protection for users, then we have to provide the technology to stand behind that. Realtime is the best protection for today. On demand scanning means the infection has already entered and is sitting on your computer. Prevention is always the better method, and that is what realtime protection is, which requires that the app runs all the time in order to block. And, as always, we offer the users a chance to turn off real time if they don't want it. So, let's not mix messages here. This thread is to air concerns about 'pop-ups' in Ad-Aware. We have in-product messaging, not pop-ups, that meet standards of the industry today. And as with just about everything else, we give users the right to turn that off if they wish. But for those who receive the messages positively, we have a very good response. So I say, to each their own. If a fellow user wants to send flowers to their mom or their valentine and get an Ad-Aware upgrade and better protection for free, then why not? But...I can appreciate that not everyone will agree with me, and that's why I think the forum is one of the best things out there, so everyone (and I repeat everyone in order to emphasize the fact that there are always two sides), gets their say. Then we all make our own decisions. But at least the decisions are made with the knowledge of both sides of an issue. Kheldan, I've read your concerns and issues with updates, and I'll make sure to forward the information to our development lead. Cheers. Michael
  2. Well, Wink, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. And my opinion is that you have chosen to hold Lavasoft to a different standard than other companies in the industry. We are 'pushing' our own paid products...and we're offering users a way to get that premium paid product... for free. Yes, that comes through a partner called Trialpay. But, it is still our product. If you want to be technical, and since you mention AVG in particular, you would have to go through a 3rd party to get their paid products as well...when you enter the shopping cart. So, all we ask is that the Lavasoft of today be held to the same standards of our industry competitors, in order that we can continue to put our focus on the development of detection, removal, and clean-up of the nasties that are ever present on the Internet. I hope that everyone can agree with that. Michael
  3. Wow, what a lively discussion. So, here's the official reply you've all been looking for from Lavasoft. My name is Michael and I'm VP of Sales & Marketing. Yes, it's legit. It is a Lavasoft branded in-product message, and we used this same message system to communicate with our freeware users last year. It is one of the only ways for us to talk with you...particularly since we still respect your privacy and do not ask you to register an e-mail in order to receive our freeware versions. You are using our product....of course we want to talk with you sometimes. There have been suggestions in this thread that we use a splash screen in order to communicate this message instead. That is a pop-up, folks! The lower-right messaging that we use is standard in today's security industry...Norton, ESET, AVG, it's all there. The messages we send to our freeware users are very infrequent, and always geared with freeware users in mind...we're not just hocking products for the heck of it. The idea here is that you have a chance to upgrade your Ad-Aware security...for free! For a variety of reasons, freeware users don't pay for security software, but who's mom shouldn't get flowers on Mother's day? So, you buy the flowers instead, and get your upgraded security protection (which comes in a premium version at a cost) for free. Call us crazy, but we think it is an interesting and clever way for users to get better protection, still without having to pay for it. And yes, we realize that Mother's Day doesn't fall in the same month for every country, but trust me, we did our research and it is coming up in quite a few countries around the world. Sorry, but we can't segment you out if your Mother's Day has already past. But to suggest that we are "ramming another US celebration" down your throats, now that just isn't playing fair. Did you know that we are actually located in Sweden? I could go on and on (I'm a marketer by trade, after all, and we can talk!), but you guys have to give us a break. We do think about these things. We are sensitive to these things. We do research these things. This is not a pop-up. This is the industry standard for in-product messaging to users. And at the end of the day, we STILL give you the right to turn off this in-product messaging...check out your setting options. We definitely appreciate the discussion. And we always pay attention. Michael
  4. Hi Ragwing - Thanks for your sharp eye on this and for checking in directly with Lavasoft. This is a legitimate company and a legitimate product. It is common in our industry for like-minded technology companies to partner together with their technology. In this case. Spyware 24x7 has licensed the Lavasoft technology to power their anti-spyware engine. Again - really appreciate your vigilance. Regards, Michael Helander VP, Marketing
  5. Hi Winchester - Appreciate your continued interest. I posted my reply in our LS forum as a reference point for this discussion that had already been moved to several forums and blogs that I do not contribute to. Thus, rest assured that the 'damning finger' reference was not focused on any one individual, yourself included. Several companies in our business have also chosen to use their competitors misfortunes to their own advantage. We just choose a different path. Instead of the badmouth bath, we want to tackle issues that we have with the industry on a very direct level. So, instead of using our blog and forums as a channel of communication to air our complaints, we go direct to the source to speak with companies that are considered the untouchables. Issues like the FTC complaint issued against Ask, news which we follow closely, is exactly why we would continue to work with Ask directly on making changes to their business model. It is the only way to really have an impact on what ends up on the consumer level. I appreciate and respect your tenure as a security authority, so I believe that I understand why you directed your original inquiry to urizen as a connecting thread to Lavasoft past. However, you are surely aware by now that urizen has moved on to new and exciting endeavors, so it was highly unlikely that you would have ever received a reply within this forum. So, I chose to respond to the thread, to yourself and to all of the others on multiple forums/blogs regarding the Ask topic. At Lavasoft, we are all about the discussion. We do it intensely on a daily basis. However, we also strongly feel that these Lavasoft Support Forums are for just We like to keep debates about the business model of Lavasoft separate from these forums that need to focus on the masses with immediate malware issues. Trust me, Janie and the entire team of international security volunteers here on the forums have their hands full already! You know and respect CalamityJane, who has a direct link to our office. So you are welcome to contact her directly through this forum if you ever wish to engage in additional discussions similar to this. Regards, Michael
  6. Hello again Corrine and Winchester73 (and HJThis) - Yes, we certainly do appreciate your concerns and really appreciate the opportunity to have these kinds of discussions. It also helps us to learn how to make improvements that will continue to help others - because if you have concerns about something, we're pretty sure that others are as well. So, you've actually already got half of the picture. BlueHornet is owned by Digital River. The other half of the picture is that Digital River is also the owner of element5 (who you already know is our e-retail partner). So, officially, our retail partner is now Digitial River. Thus, the reason that they are also now handling the mailing with the BlueHornet system. Your feedback about the links in the e-mail and the press releases, etc., was very valuable - and I'll make sure that those discussions are taken and acted upon. Corrine, I'm sorry to hear that you've unsubscribed. But, I hope that you will still check in on the website and view the newsletter there. As the company continues to grow, there are certainly issues like these that will come up now and then. Thanks for your feedback which helps us to address them sooner rather than later. Cheers. Michael
  7. Winchester73 and Corrine - You can be assured that your e-mails have not been 'turned over' to a 3rd party marketing firm to do with as they please. BlueHornet is simply the mailing engine required to send our monthly newsletter out to the nearly 1 million people on the mailing list now. Lavasoft owns the list and will always own the list, thus the sender as [email protected] (the same e-mail that is published for our newsletter). Thanks, however, for your thread both here and at dslreports. Happy holidays to you and yours. Michael
  8. The following Class ID - Value : {855f3b16-6d32-4fe6-8a56-bbb695989046} - is being used by both Softomate and ICQ Toolbar, and therefore the ICQ Toolbar ended up in our detection database as a false positive. This should not be removed if you have the ICQ Toolbar. Thanks. LS Michael
  9. VicMax - We're here for you! Thanks to your vigilence, we've also got the issue up on our blog. Check it out at Cheers. Michael
  10. Normandie - Thanks for your continued coordination as we've been working through the definition file update items. I just wanted to provide you with some feedback as to why this happened to you today. Our Lavasoft Security Center (previously known as Lavasoft Research Center) is upgrading functionality and hardware in order to create a well-defined and highly functional global network of computer users, like yourself, that are interested in creating a secure environment for people the world over. More logic and efficiency is required for the ideas that the Security Center is preparing to implement. Their strategy includes the creation of a Security Center that directly engages the user network - anyone that is interested in being directly involved with testing definition file betas as well as new tool applications will have access to improved functions and the ability to truly engage in the process. Those functions that existed in the past served us well at that time. But now we are pressing forward. We are committed to improving processes because we believe that it is our duty to each and every one of our software users. Lavasoft is taking new steps forward as we prepare for the new Ad-Aware updated version release. Changes are taking place now in order to best facilitate the needs and services that will be required in the near future. Sometimes those changes result in short-term inconveniences - and that is what you have experienced today. Next week we plan to have a new system in place that will allow our dedicated beta testers to once again participate in definition file updates before their final release - just one way that we will avoid false positives in the future. Yes, we admit that there are some short-term growing pains. But, rest assured that in the near future you can choose to be a part of that global network of engaged and dedicated security watchdogs and you will be served through a highly sophisticated and functional program at the Lavasoft Security Center. Your continued loyalty is appreciated. And we will most definitely continue our loyalty to you! Regards, LS Michael