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  1. WoW! Almost like old times. Thanks on the link (though redundant by now) Corrine and trust all is well on your end these days. Pass my well wishes & regards to the old Team LS sometime, SpyDie, Winchester73, [email protected]'S etc. Have since gone well beyond sig-based scanners into rootkit malware research and technique detections since they are storming the web fiercely now in same fashion as our old nemisis coolwebsearch (remember those?) used to monopolize users systems. Hope to pass some posts to share discussion sometime and maybe meet up in those circles at the other forums, DSL, Landzdown etc. as that same enthusiasm remains as energetic for me as always. ALL THE BEST EASTER
  2. Please move to appropriate site area for attention. Some time ago (months now) i brought up an idea that seem very logical for Lavasoft to perhaps undertake in the future. It regards and questions if this research team might seriously consider either incorporating or branching into a new product specifically designed to detect and if at all possible remove ROOTKIT files and their intrusion resident wares. Is this anything that is been not just discussed but taken to heart and if so is this a valid consideration worth LS undertaking or is the Ad-Aware SE solution to AFTER-EFFECTS going to remain limbo to this innovative suggestion. Seems it is very worthy of considerable implimentation at some point in the near future. Thanks EASTER Former LS Xpert and HJT Moderator!! Thanks
  3. Thanks Implications on the TYPE of PC user regarding a HIPS approach will vary, on that i agree. I certainly want to expound further on the suggestions and thoughts offered and appreciate the initial feedback to my interest in this direction More to express and touch on soon. Glad to see you again also fatdcuk
  4. MOVED NOW Is there any interest for offering some reply?
  5. Ad-Aware-SE is adequate in scanning of course as well as some removals but what is the likelihood of incorporating a solid HIPS prevention mechanism to offset and better protect against some more formidable designs of malware that require additional efforts and more valuable time for many not to mention third party helps to completely free affected PC systems and often leaves users with DOUBTS after being tasked with seeking such assistance who often have to take up learning if they are following steps correctly or not. Just a thought that should be deemed worthy enough for serious consideration one would think. Feel free to move this Topic to your appropriate area for reply. Malware Complaints seemed the most reasonable section to raise this question at this time. Thanks EASTER: Global Computer Security Specialist and Online Protection Advocate for a safer PC experience.
  6. Hello there birddog193 Glad with you that it shows a clean screen on this routine check-up. All The Best For Safe Surfing!!!!