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  1. Isn't that kind of like having an automatic 'shoot yourself in the head' option on a gun? Put it on a shelf and once a week it randomly fires off a shot that may (or may not) hit you. Steve
  2. Guess I'll take it then that it's utterly useless. Think I'll try counterspy - at least they support their users.
  3. AAW2007 Plus ran a scheduled scan at 12:00 today, exactly as I asked it to. Problem is, I have no idea what it did as I have no idea of how to see the 'results' of the scan. I'm used to the scheduled scans with AVG Anti-Spyware where I can popup the user interface to see what's happening and where, at the end of the scan AVG pops up the scan results for me to deal with. From what I can see Ad-Aware 'ran a scan' and 'did something (or maybe didn't)' and I've been left completely in the dark as to what might of happened. Have I missed a setting somewhere that lets me in on the secret of what happened during my scan, or am I reduced to scanning the lot again manually, making the scheduled scan utterly useless. Thanks Steve
  4. Don't know if this helps, but this is what I'm seeing on my licence info page. When I click the link, I get a email with the serial number: Before they upgraded me, the licence still refered to Ad-Adware SE Plus. I only got the link once they upgraded my licence. Steve.
  5. They have changed the serial number format completely, so they have to send you a new one. Strange that they didn't realise that this might be a significant issue for their existing customers and doubly strange that they made the software download available to registered customers KNOWING that they can't get the serial numbers. In my opinion, they have deliberately exposed my PC to infection by taking away the real time protection that I used to enjoy. That said, I have just received an email promising me a serial number within 24 hours. I'm not holding my breath. If it's not with me by Monday though, I'll be switching to SpySweeper when AdAdware expires (or possibly sooner). Steve
  6. Looks like me definition of "today" was right then - it's just the day when you get around to doing something. Why not just issue everyone with a valid licence with a two year licence for AAW2007 by way of an appology. Better still, why not tell the people in the support centre to stop irritating the customers by not replying to support emails.
  7. Nothing here either. I emailed support but they didn't reply... I wonder if their definition of "today" works on the same time-scale as their release dates. After all, every day is "today" when you're in it.
  8. Me too. When I bought Ad-Adware last year I signed up for two years so I would get timely updates. When I was in the support area, I saw the download for aaw2007 and installed it. I was then prompted for a serial number. None of the numbers I had worked. I emailed customer services and they sent me back a simple set of instructions on how to install my serial number... WHAT FRIGGIN SERIAL NUMBER. YOU WONT SEND ME ONE! I emailed back and have not had any reply. This leaves me with a PC with less security than before I upgraded. I don't have real time scanning an my scheduled scans won't run. I think I'll let my licence lapse when it comes up for renewal next time. Seems us loyal paying customers aren't worth the effort. I understand that they're having problems transfering licences between systems, but surely they tested thattransfer process before releasing the software. Surely they wouldn't expose so many of us to reduced security just to rush a product to production... would they?
  9. Tech support finally emailed me today with a bland "it's a known issue" response: This is indeed a problem with our product, the authenticity checker. However, the definitions file are allright. You can simply close down the warning window and use them. We are working on getting the authenticity checker up to date, and apologise for the inconvinience I tried the new checker (beta test) and it made Ad-Aware hang... to the point where I had to reboot to make Ad-Aware work at all, so I guess there isn't going to be a fix any time soon. I think it's the total indifference from support that bothers me most. As other posters have said, this issue has been going on for months but no one seems to want to fix it. Guess I'll have to rely on CounterSpy and Ewido from now on as I obviously won't know if the Ad-Aware definitions are really compromised or not. Steve
  10. EVERY time I start Ad-aware SE Plus 1.06r1, I get the following message: Your definition file has been compromised. Please delete your definition file and restart Ad-Aware. If I do this, I get an error message and a new definition file is downloaded. However, it does not seem to matter whether I do this or not as, next time I open Ad-Aware, I get the same "been compromosed" message. I emailed Tech Support, but they can't be bothered to answer me. Does anyone else know what might be causing this please? Thanks Steve P.S. I tried downloading the beta test version of the authenticity checker - Ad-Aware just hung when that was installed, so I removed it. P.P.S. Have scanned the PC with Norton, Counter Spy and Ewido to check for viruses and spyware. All come up clean.