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  1. I am having a problem - for the first time - with updating my definitions file. The download starts, but is taking forever to get just an inch along the download indicator bar, and then goes back to the beginning again. I have Free 2008 version running on Windows XP. What on earth has happened and how do I solve it?
  2. Hi Without realizing it I had started a new thread because I cannot update AdAware 8 . Get a flagged message "No connection to download server" So I want to add my voice to those making the complaints about the time it seems to take to fix things - or even notice that something is wrong. Vicwinann
  3. Hi, I am trying to update my AdAware 8 file and am getting a flagged message " No connection to download server" This has not happened before. Can someone tell what the problem is and how to cure it? Nought wrong with my Internet access. Vicwinann
  4. There seems to be too many people experiencing exactly the same error message within a couple of days of each other (including me) for it to be something associated with individual's computers. The blame at the moment is being laid at the doors of users, IExplorer 7 (until 10 minutes ago I had Explorer 6 and have had the problem for 2 days so it is not that), their firewalls, and any and everything but Lavasolft or Ad-Aware itself. Having to change settings, download files manually and unzip etc. is really not good enough even for a free programme, and something that I don't understand anyway. Vicwinann
  5. Hello, Thanks for all that, but no thanks. As a complete computer moron, the reason that I have Ad Aware SE is simply so that I don't have to manually download anything and then install it, risking mucking up any other of my settings. It is comforting to know that I am not the only person experiencing this, but if it is not sorted soon, I will just look at using another supplier's programme. Regards Vicwinann
  6. I too am having the same problem in the UK. Tried virtually everything that been suggested on this and the other forums. No go. I have never had a problem before, and nothing has changed on my computer, so the problem must be with Lavasoft. If it is not resolved soon, then I will change my mind about buying. Vicwinann