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  1. or should I wait: [url="http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=30799&view=findpost&p=125065"]http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?s...st&p=125065[/url]
  2. I dont want to turn off the real-time protection, just the AV component. I think these are different things?
  3. hallo, I use AVAST Antivirus and would like to use AdAware too. As I read AdAware has now Antivirus component, so I think I can not use both AV components from AVAST and AdAware? Is it possible to turn off the Antivirus component in AdAware? Or even to not install it?
  4. hallo, I got advertising for Valentins Day saying there is possibility to get Ad-Aware PRO for free [url="http://www.lavasoft.com/single/valentine/"]http://www.lavasoft.com/single/valentine/[/url]. Does some one know how long is the key free, 1 year, 2 years? Or is it a life time free key?
  5. I have ment the automatic def update of AAW. After it the seatus was changed back to automatic startup
  6. is it possible that the AAW service sets itself again to "automatic" after an def update, even if it was set to "disabled" before?
  7. [quote name='Computer wizard' post='123083' date='Oct 5 2010, 04:50 AM']Hey there, try this it should work Start> Run> msconfig and hit enter> in dialog select start up and scroll and and find Ad aware and untick then hit apply and OK ( note you may be prompted to reboot after applying the action ) Cheers Computer Wizard[/quote] I dont have AdAware there ???
  8. hallo, how can I prevent AdAware to not start automaticlly when Windows reboots? There is no option in the AdAware settings? Using Windows 7. thanks
  9. [quote]but not sure where the scheduled date/time is stored.[/quote] and how knows / could know it?
  10. well, there is entry in the task scheduler in deed. But when I modify this task it changes back to the default setting after system reboot Is it not possible to modify it? Via registry for example?
  11. to clarify: AA updates when PC is connected to Internet at that time? Or I have to dobbleclick on the tray icon to load the AA and after that it updates? Where is Win Scheduler on Windows7 system?
  12. [quote]You can check your Windows Scheduler to see the dates and times[/quote] Windows Scheduler what does it have in common with AA???? It was not me setting a scheduler (if there is)
  13. 2 days ago I downloaded the latest AA version 8.2.6 and install it (for the first time used). Right after the install process I had to restart the system and after that I received a big definition update. This updated AA to 29-06-2010. So far ok. Since that time I started my PC every day and there was never a difinition update. So AdAware is still with last def. details for 29.06.2010. Updates are set to automatic in the update settings. I havent change anything in the AA settings, all is on default. First time I received autoupdate, so it could not be firewall issue I think.... So, is and how does the automatic update working properly????? Using Win7 (64bit) Avast Antivirus Comodo Firewall EDIT: I use AdAware FREE. Could it be possible that the problem is in the free version where the update intervals are very large, for ex. 1-2 time in a week?????????????????