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  1. Hey you der man it worked fine it was driving me crazy ,thanjs for your help, Barry
  2. Can any one please help on how to make a rule to stop the adwatch popup every time i brouse the internet Cheers
  3. i The version the previous topic refers to is i think different than mine i have 2007 7.0.26 pro and i cant find any help button on the right hand side Thanks
  4. Hi every time i go to browse the Internet i get this is there any way of stopping this from happening Cheers
  5. Ok guys it seems we are all having problems of one sort or another mine is i have the pro which installed ok on vista but it it wont let me set up a daily scan you click add AND THEN NOTHING, any one know how to get it to set up a daily scan Cheers
  6. Hi spike-nz thanks for your help it worked great Cheers Mate B
  7. Hi ever since i updated to Internet Explorer 7 i get the "accept or block "coming up each time i go on the internet ,so i went to lava soft site and they say change the rules in the tools tab the problem i am having is i cant find any tools tab,any one know where to find it Cheers