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  1. ozy

    Anti-Virus Engine

    Thanks Visitor for your reply... Turning off that Ad-Watch module doesn't solve the problem of 'Not' being able to turn off the anti-virus engine permanently.... I guess the only solution is to uninstall Ad-Aware & find a replacement.... Thank you !
  2. ozy

    Anti-Virus Engine

    I've used Ad-Aware for years and am very thankful for the free edition...I do have a problem keeping the Anti-Virus Engine 'Turned Off' in 'Detection Layers' Section...I turn it off (un-check) & OK out. It stays off for some time but rechecks itself the same day. I realize that the Anti-Virus is a good thing but I personally would not want this turned on! Is there a way to keep it turned off...It is somewhat of an inconvenience to keep going into the detection Layers section & turning it off constantly. Again I thank you for my Ad-Aware app. and hope there is an answer to this problem.. Al ~