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  1. It saddens me to hear that you find the Ad-Aware tray icon design to be the worst you've ever seen. The design is meant to be a shield on top of a globe, indicating if Ad-Watch Live is turned on or off. The shield is gray when Ad-Watch is turned off and red if it is turned on. Admittedly, that may be a bit much to squeeze into 16 by 16 pixels. The icon can not be changed by the user, but we have had discussions about a redesign for an upcoming version of Ad-Aware. We will certainly consider your feedback as we attempt to make the icon clearer and more functional. Best regards, Tobias EDIT: typo
  2. If you have the Free version already installed, the new installation package will uninstall the old version before installing the 8.2 version. Regards, Tobias
  3. I sent you a PM with details on how to contact customer support. Regards, Tobias
  4. @Raziel: I think he is only referring to that the Help button in the Save File dialog is not doing anything. @sanderl: I guess we have just overlooked the fact that the standard Windows dialog has a Help button there. We will look into either removing it or hooking the button up to some help information. Regards, Tobias
  5. We will make the entire folder paths available through the right-click menu in an upcoming software update. Regards, Tobias
  6. Just to confirm: Ad-Aware AE does, or is supposed to detect what was called "negligible objects" in SE. While there does seem to be an issue with the MRU detection at the moment, the cookie detection should work properly. If you can't get Ad-Aware to detect cookies at all please: * make sure that you are running a supported browser (Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Firefox 2 or higher, Opera 9 or higher) * check if your browser is set to block tracking cookies -- if it is, there will never be any cookies to detect If you are sure that you have cookies on your system that Ad-Aware should detect but doesn't, please post what browser you are using and your operating system, and we will look into it. Regards, Tobias
  7. On the screen that displays the license agreement there's a 'Customize installation' link. Click that, and you will be able to choose where to install on the following screen. Regards, Tobias
  8. I have no updates on this as of yet. It is reported as a bug and we are working on it. I have reported the inconsistencies reported in your latest post as well. Regards, Tobias
  9. It depends -- SE looks for cookies regardless of where they are located on the hard drive, whereas Ad-Aware 2007, 2008 & AE only look where the browsers save their cookies (and hence have access to them). A possible explanation could be that there are cookies left on your system--it could be from older versions of browsers--that are found by SE but not AE, since they are not currently used. Regards, Tobias
  10. Hi, The scanning engine has been completely rebuilt since Ad-Aware SE and the Smart Scan has been reconfigured, so you cannot draw any conclusions based on the number of files scanned. All cookies for the supported browsers are scanned, but there may be a difference in what is detected -- we will look into it. Regards, Tobias
  11. We are aware that turning off Ad-Watch is not entirely straightforward. Suffice it to say that we underestimated some users' desire to run Ad-Aware as an on-demand scanner only and focussed on making the real-time protection as strong as possible. We are looking into how the GUI can be changed to make it easier to turn Ad-Watch on and off. As for the naming issues, I am aware that it is inconsistent. Changing the name of AAWTray at this point is simply not feasible, as frustrating as that may be to Mr Know-it-alls like myself... I take solace in the fact that the setting (which says 'taskbar icon', I know) can be changed easily, and it will be included in an upcoming update. I cannot reproduce the crashes on XP SP2 here, but the erroneous scan screen behavior (with the tab going to the scheduler, etc) is the same, and I have reported that as a bug now. To start the scanning procedure over, click the action button at the bottom of the screen, which should say 'Scan Again' when you are on the Scan Results screen. Regards, Tobias
  12. If you want the service not to run, you need to turn off the Ad-Watch Live! realtime protection. You do this by going to the Ad-Watch Live! tab in the Settings, and making sure that all the checkboxes are unchecked in the General box For a thorough explanation of the Service I recommend reading this post: As for the Icon, the area where it is placed is named the notification area (more about that here), and displaying notifications is exactly its purpose. If you don't want the icon to be displayed, you can turn it off on the Appearance tab in the Settings. We are investigating the causes of the 2343 installer error. Regards, Tobias
  13. Hi, Can you post the names of the cookies detected by SE but not by AE? It would make it easier to troubleshoot. Thanks, Tobias
  14. Software Update 8.0.3 Released March 3, 2009 Fixes If the user selects the "Do not automatically check for updates" setting under "Information Updates" will no longer automatically receive updates to their news feed and MiniMessages. Scan logs exported from the scan results screen will no longer be truncated . Progress bar in "Download Manager" now resets properly after each downloaded file. Incompatibility with AVG and Ad-Aware Ad-Watch Live! Incompatibility with SandboxIE and Ad-Aware Ad-Watch Live! Network scanning issue on Windows 2000 is fixed. "Sweep Now" button in TrackSweep is now disabled when no options are selected. When viewing the "Total Statistics" in the "Statistics" tab the "Export" button is now disabled. ThreatWork "Browse" button now appends files to the list. "Perform Actions Now" button in "Ignore List" is now disabled when the list is empty. Empty log files are now deleted automatically. Cookie removal problem affecting some cookies has been resolved. When scan is stopped the message "Scan completed successfully" will no longer be displayed. The "Help" button now works for all languages in Windows 2000. Backspace now works properly in the "Add New Scan Profile" window. Improvements Scan logs are now restarted after each scan. Ad-Watch Live! log files now have a 2MB limited file size. Added a help manual in French. Quarantine and Ignore lists are now in the same theme as the scan results screen. Users can now right click on infection names to search for them on the Internet, or copy them to the clipboard Full scan now scans all fixed hard drives. Updates to all translations. Settings window now opens on the correct tab. Several warning and notification messages have been added to improve usability. Regards, Tobias