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  1. The irony is that Invision Board has recently made its bug tracker software available recently free to registered users of IB.Board like this one. It sure would make things easier to report and track. It is easy to install.
  2. Why is a screenshot necessary? This has been reported in many topics here and on many boards elsewhere.
  3. I changed the service to Manual. Ad-aware starts okay when I want to run it. Then I stop the service. I have not tried setting it to Disabled.
  4. I too have been waiting for an answer.
  5. True - but I only run Ad-aware on an when-needed basis. I also have disabled the service via Control Panel/services. This is a stop-gap measure until I see what happens in the future. Of course, I could have un-installed Adaware 2007 but will only do possibly down the road.
  6. I too do not want the service running unless I want it to. I was able to stop Ad-Watch by deselecting the option, I used Task manager of Win XP Prp SP2 to shutdown the service on a temporary basis.