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  1. I couldn't download updates. If I tried to install updates manually, Ad-Aware 2007 Pro wouldn't accept them. Ad-Watch wouldn't remember my settings between sessions. I was grateful that Ad-Aware 2007 allowed me to install Ad-Aware SE Pro, given the fact that it forced me to uninstall Ad-Aware SE Pro before I could install it (2007). Now I have both. I use SE, but I have 2007 in case it ever gets past the still-beta phase. I kinda want to upgrade my firewall to v2, but it corrupts Antivirus 2007, so it's not an option. I'm not happy with my purchases lately. I've tried to get help here [This post has been edited for content by SpySentinel]
  2. I bought Norton Anti-Virus 2007 and upgraded to Lavasoft Personal Firewall 2. For some reason, the firewall is blocking Norton's Live Update...but not in the normal fassion. I'm not given an opportunity to create a rule. What happens is this: when I run Live Update, I'm told that Windows Installer cannot be accessed, and that it needs to be reinstalled. If I disable Norton Firewall v2, then I can use Live Update, but the GUI is is different...downgraded in quality. I don't understand what's going on, only that i think it has something to do with either NAV 2007 altering the process memory of an application, or the new Anti-Leak feature. In the first firewall, there was a place where you could list programs that were allowed to alter other applications' memory, as well as a place to list programs that could start hidden processes. I can't find this in the new version, or i would add "LUCOMSERVER_3_2.EXE" to the list (but which list, I don't know). Has anybody else had this problem? Can someone help me? This is a little over my head. I had no idea that NAV 2007 would come with a small firewall of it's own (Anti-Worm), nor did I expect these programs to be so incompatible. When they're installed together, nothing can use Windows Installer (msiexec.exe). What's going on? spatty12 [email protected](remove this).com
  3. In the Ad-Watch Settings and TrackSweep Settings, I set my preferences, but they are back to default the next time I restart Ad-Watch. I don't find a "Save" anywhere in these dialogue pages.
  4. I have "RegShield" activated in the new "Ad-Watch" that comes with "Ad-Aware Pro 2007" goes crazy, because I have "TeaTimer" regularly looking at some of the same registry keys that "RegShield" does. I know it's the product of a competitor (it is Safer-Networking's resident component of "Spybot S&D"), but I've had both "Ad-Aware + Ad-Watch" (by Lavasoft) and "Spybot S&D + TeaTimer" (by Safer Networking) running along side each other as friends since I heard about spyware. I've liked the overlap in protection: the previous "Ad-Watch" would catch registry changes that "TeaTimer" didn't, and vice versa. I used to write exception-rules for the previous "Ad-Watch" so programs could write to certain keys without evoking a popup-warning, I can't find where to write "RegShield" rules in the new 2007 version of "Ad-Watch". I've played around with "settings" buttons, and I've read the .chm help that comes with "Ad-Aware pro 2007," and I feel like I've run out of my un-intrusive options, so I'm usin' the Forum -- starting a new thread, even (I know, "gasp!") Help? Aincerely, Spatty Admin edit: removed email address posted to protect your privacy. Please do not post email addressses in the public forum as they can be harvested by spammers!