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  1. Thank you LS Tobias for the information/confirmation.
  2. Today with last update check, I got a pop-up for: "Sign up for your FREE Carbonite Online Backup account." http://www.carbonite.com/comktg-quo/lavaso...d=MM_Lavasoft_2 Any ideas?
  3. @ LS CalamityJane, Today, (30 May 08), in my No.1 Pc, AAW8 program updates (many) received, AAW8 new version= After that, a smart scan (not so smart I can say, needs more than double time compared with AAW7) performed with Avira Antivir Premium & ZoneArarm active, NO MORE “freezing†problems noticed!!! Def.version:0087.0000 SCAN SUMMARY: Scan mode: smart Scan time: 00:46:07 Number of files scanned: 122.024 Number of infections found: 1 Critical: 0 Privacy objects: 1 Infections deleted: 1 Total infections quarantined: 0 Total infections ignored by scanner: 0 Furthermore, the following questions remains in my mind: a. In Lavasoft Labs, the AAW8 was tested alone, not tested with other software (i.e.Kaspersky/ZoneAlarm) in order to check for possible conflicts? b. If the conflicts were already known, why customers not informed in advance i.e. a warning message during the initial installation?? c. If the conflicts were unknown, no comments, I don’t want to say anything else here in the Forum. d. During the “beta†period, no one from the beta testers was Kaspersky & ZoneArarm user? regards avon
  4. OFF TOPIC ZoneAlarm® ForceField= http://www.zonealarm.com/store/content/cat...u_list_zaff.jsp
  5. Thanks for reply, the fault was mine as the answer to my question re your ZA vesrion was already in your signature! Time to update to v.7.0.473 = http://download.zonealarm.com/bin/free/inf...aseHistory.html For ZA free = http://download.zonelabs.com/bin/free/info...aseHistory.html
  6. @Txnnok, I use AVG (free & paid) more than 4 years. AVG (free) always was a pure antivirus with a "real time virus scanner" (yes, the resident shield). AVG (paid) is antivirus+antispyware In version 8, AVG (free) is antivirus+antispyware. Safe Surf is another story = If you don't have Safe Search & Surf, AVG' real time scanner will find the problem after you open the web pages.
  7. The answer is pure and simple: You have the "freezing problem" when you use Kaspesky & AAW8! In your previous post, you said = no problems with AAW7. I supppose that nobody had that "freezing problem" with AAW7 as well!
  8. Please read also my post (#4) here = http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=18488 Although I said before for a conflict between AAW8 and ZoneAlarm v.7, it is more specific to say: "I suppose that freezing problem cones from a conflict between AAW8 and Kaspersky engine because ZoneAlarm v.7 has a Kaspersky engine in paid and free versions."
  9. This is not correct. AVG is a real time scanner, only if somebody wish to disable the real time scanner, then AVG remains as on demand scanner.
  10. But I am talking for CONFLICT BETWEEN ZONEALARM AND AD-AWARE 2008 and not for conflict between AAW2007/2008!
  11. Please note that ZoneAlarm v.7 use the Kaspersky engine = http://forum.zonelabs.org/zonelabs/board/m...message.id=9006 Confirm also that, even the free ZoneAlarm v.7 has a "hidden" Kaspersky engine= http://forum.zonelabs.org/zonelabs/board/m...essage.id=18091 Please see also this = http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=18470
  12. In No.2 PC, confirm same CONFLICT BETWEEN ZONEALARM AND AD-AWARE 2008= With AVG8/ZoneAlarm active, Ad-Aware 2008 scan halts at about 100.000 scanned objects (not always in the same file). With AVG8 active and ZoneAlarm off, Ad-Aware 2008 scan results NORMAL= Smart scan= 105.175 total objects scanned / scan time 16:46 Full scan = NORMAL With AvG8 off and ZoneAlarm active, Ad-Aware 2008 scan results = Halts at abt. 100.000 scanned objects. No.1 & [email protected] PCs, AAW 2008 (free) with Def.version=0085.0000