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  1. I'm told you can but you need to get a new license number. I've been trying for about a week and Lavasoft still hasn't delivered. I can't post in the Support Forum because records now don't recognize me as a registered owner of Pro even though I'm paid up through next summer. I emailed support and got an answer requesting addtional information (the hardware profile on the new machine). I replied to the support email as they requested and got a message that says we no longer use email for support. They also told me to uninstall from the old computer, which I did. Major limbo. Using a trial version now but seem to be locked out of support.
  2. This file is located in my Win/Sys32 folder. Google brings up a couple of sites that call it malware, but information is sketchy. It started appearing in my Task Manager just this week. SE Plus doesn't detect it. Does anyone know about this file?
  3. Although Ad-Watch SE is running with the latest definition files, IE7 continues to allow pop ups and ads to open in new tabs. IE 7's popup blocker catches them. Is this a known issue or is there a setting I'm missing?