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  1. The error 19811 comes when ad-aware or ad-watch is trying to access the skin files, but fails. Reading all your posts suggests that you have had some kind of permission issues. If that comes from the security programs you have installed before, from the OS it self or from somwehere else, is difficult to say, since we have not yet been able to replicate your problem. We do keep trying. Regards, Zac
  2. Support still has a back log but they answer all e-mails and posts as fast as they can. Please keep your post of the issue to one thread, and read the replies there. Regards, Zac
  3. Could you do one more check for us please? When using the standard DNS addresses that don´t work for Adaware at the moment: * Does it work to go to the website for manual update? * Do you get a ping reply when pinging and/or