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  1. Thanks for your help. I tried these changes but it didn't work. I uninstalled adaware again and reloaded a new copy but as soon as adaware starts I get the "no disk in drive" window.Windows doesn't actually crash, what happens is while the "no disk in drive" window is dispayed, windows stops responding. To get it working I have to hit Control ALT Delete several times.But this does not bring up task manager .To get task manager up I have to try to close the "no disk in drive" window which may take a dozen or so clicks before task manager opens. From there it will take several attempts to close Adaware. If I try to close the "no disk" window it closes for a split second and reappears. I have installed and unistalled Adaware from 3 different sources including the internet so it's not the program thats corrupt. Hope you can help. thanks. wasanne
  2. Been there done that. Exactly the same result. As soon as Adaware starts to load I get a "no disk in drive please insert disk" error and Adaware and windows crashes. The "no disk in drive" window can't be closed and CONTROL ALT DELETE won't work also. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks.
  3. Hi Guys, I have just gone to broardband but it is very slow and the provider tried to install adaware but each time it tries to load defenitions I get a "no disk in drive error which crashes adaware and the computer. I've uninstalled and redownloaded adaware from your site and the problem is still there. I've tried running adaware from safe mode and the problem still exists. I'm running XP PRO. Hope you can help. thanks. wassanne2001