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  1. Thanks, this should be fixed in the next definition release later today
  2. Hi jjinatx, Please attach the files like JWeaverJr did so we can investigate. Thanks Atri
  3. Hi, Could you please ask your customer for more information and perhaps a scan log. What it is being detected as would even be helpful. Thanks
  4. Hi deetoo, Could you attach the file that is being detected please?
  5. I think it this case its the malware that's pretty much obsolete, fixwareout I don't believe is maintained anymore.
  6. Hi, The definition file used by your customer is more than a month old. This must have already been fixed as we do not currently detect the file you attached. Regards. Atri
  7. Hello Marloes, This is not a false positive and should be removed. Regards, Atri
  8. Hello, This was a false positive and will be removed in the next definition update. Thanks for reporting it, Atri
  9. Hello again Steven, Upon investigation this detection has been determined to be a false positive and will be removed in the next definition update. Thanks for the report, Atri
  10. Hello, Thaks for the notfication, I will investigate this now. Regards, Atri
  11. Hello Pete, Thanks for the notification, I will look into this right now. Atri
  12. Hi Marloes, If you could zip and attach lostrun.exe to a reply I will take a look at it. Please attach the scan log as well. Regards, Dave Lavasoft Malware Labs
  13. Due to lack of feedback, this topic has been closed. If you need this topic reopened, please contact a staff member. This applies only to the original topic starter. Everyone else please begin a New Topic. Thank You !
  14. Hello Griepje, Thanks for reporting this, It has been reviewed and is indeed a false positive. It will be fixed in the next definition release. Thanks for using Ad-Aware, Dave Lavasoft Malware Labs
  15. Hello, this has been removed from detection, thanks for the report.