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  1. I ran it under several machines with different specs and OS versions but never had a problem. Or if I found a problem, by the time I'd go to report it, a new beta was out and it was already fixed.
  2. That's a shame that there will be no key given as a thank you. Every company I've tested for so far has given some sort of thank you gift. Even MalwareBytes gave out lifetime keys for their products that were tested.
  3. Thank you for the swift reply. When I heard that we may receive a Plus/Pro key I was really happy to hear this. I'd be able to inform my workplace of the benefits of the Plus/Pro versions to recommend to customers, and also for my personal tech website where Ad-Aware is one of the top recommended programs for users who seek forum assistance in cleaning their computers.
  4. I was wondering if those of us who tested the Ad-Aware 2007 beta will get a key for Plus/Pro? I signed up for the beta as I run a tech support website and recommend Ad-Aware to my members, and find a key very beneficial to help explain to members the benefits of purchasing Ad-Aware. I also have a few friends who beta tested and they've said that we'll get a free key for Pro as a thank you for beta testing. Is this true?