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  1. Stop sending your nasty PM too all members on this site.

  2. Hi LS Jonas! I'm sorry for the delay reaply The user hase not comming back with a postreply to me. So if you want you can close this topic. Thanks for your help any way. Regards Malou
  3. Hi LS Jonas! Thank you for your help I have give the user this information you post here to me. So now we have to waite that he post back to me. I come back to you and let you know Cheers. Malou
  4. Hämta hem språkpaketet "Language Pack" till ditt Ad-Aware OBS! Stäng ner Ad-Aware före installationen av Language Pack! Hämta hem och installera Språkpaketet från => Language Pack Så här ändrar du språkinställningen i Ad-Aware: 1: Starta Ad-Aware 2: Klicka på "Settings" (kugghjulet högst upp till höger) 3: Kicka på knappen "Interface" 4: Klicka på pilen till höger om "Language file" 5: Välj det språk du vill ändra till "Svenska" 6: Tryck "Proceed" Språkpaketet för Ad-Aware inkluderar följande språk: Svenska, Norska, Danska, Finska. Italienska, Holländska, Franska, Tyska, Spanska, Portugisiska, Språkpaketet från
  5. Hi! Need some help here please I try to help a swedish user at my homeforums and I can't find any thing in his HJT-logs and not in his AAW-logs. The computer is clean. The only thing I find in AAW-logs is this one below. Can this one be a F/P?????? Windows Object Recognized! Type : RegData Data : TAC Rating : 3 Category : Vulnerability Comment : Rootkey : HKEY_USERS Object : S-1-5-21-746137067-1957994488-854245398-1004\software\policies\microsoft\internet explorer\control panel Value : Homepage Data : Regards Malou
  6. Hi and welcome Jan J! I think this one is a Tracking Cookie you see in your Ad-Aware logs (If so, it's harmless). But to be sure can you please do a Full System Scan with your Ad-Aware and Please post the results as a reply (don't remove anything which is found). Before you do a scan, launch Ad-Aware SE and check for any Definition File updates. Regards Malou
  7. Hello LS Michael Ok. Thank you. I have already see that this Class ID belongs to the ICQ. Thats way I give you a post of this F/P to bee sure if this was a F/P or not Ok. The user told me know that he not use this Toolbar (had uninstall it) but maybe there is some files left in his system and AAW is found this. And we have not use AAW to remove this objects who was found. Thanks for your help Regards//Malou
  8. Hello LS Stoffe Thank you for your help Then I will tell the user that this is a F/P and it will be fixed in the next release. Thank you. Best regards Malou
  9. Hello deare Lavasoft! I try to help a swedich user at my Swedish forum. He has no problems whit his computer. I have lookt at his HJT-logs and AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 logs and so on. And everyting is clean. But in his AAW-logs I found this entries below. Can this been a F/P (False/Positive)? What I can see this one belongs to the ICQ program he has installed at his computer. Sorry for my bad englisch Regards/Malou
  10. Hi This topic can bee cloosed. The problem with the Lavasofts blog has been fixed. Thanks to LS SteveJ Regards MVH/Malou
  11. Hi spike-nz! Thank you for your reply. Do you or any one else know what happens with Lavasofts blog. Dont they post the Definitions Update there anymore? When I visit that sites and use the Defintions Update buttom at the left side than I only see a blank pages exept for the buttoms at the left side. MVH/Malou
  12. Hi! I dont know where to post this so I try here. When do you want to post the new def file in the forum Lavasoft News? The new one is => SE1R115 17.07.2006 The old def file is still there SE1R114 08.07.2006 is now availiable, new definition file for Ad-Aware SE Thank you MVH/Malou