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  1. Hi Folks. Read this thread before downloading this ad-aware edition. Using Commodo CIS. Will report any conflicts that I can detect. My Best, Diligent
  2. My shot of this suspicious (porn?) popup should tell the story. How to display this shot, in this forum? Tried what seemed to be the way. My Best, Diligent
  3. Spoony, what raziel seems to be telling you (and thus me) as a win98(x) users, it that if you, me and all others who run win98(x), all such users have bitten the dust with Lavasoft. There are other ways of putting it, not proper to state here, but the bottom line is that Lavasoft doesn't want to deal with win98(x) users anymore. raziel is being nice by saying "sorry for inconvenience". Lavasoft is saying goodby forever, don't wan't your business now or in the future. Diligent.
  4. Is there any way to set adware-se to solely scan for mru lists? It scans for them, finds them and offers to be able to delete them, so there, it seems must be a way to solely scan for these mru lists. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Diligent.