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  1. For the benefit of anyone else who reads this, I posted a message on the support center and got a curt 1 line reply from Lavasoft. Despite the website saying it is compatible with Vista, File Shredder is not compatible with Vista X64
  2. Upgraded from XP Pro to Vista business X64 and wasn't expecting any issues since the lavasoft website states that File Shredder is Vista compatible. Anyhows, 2 issues I have found so far: 1. Context menu is missing under Vista - under XP there was a right click context menu option to shred the selected file(s) which doesn't appear under Vista; 2. No matter what algorithm is selected, immediately after selecting some files and shredding them using the "Shred Files and Folders" option, File Shredder displays an error stating "Could not locate necessary dll 'SITPVG.dll'" which apears in the message box with the title "LSFileShredder". After okaying that message, the Operation Successful box is displayed and it does appear to have deleted the files but, who knows if they were just deleted or properly shredded!
  3. I got my reply to my email sent via the Support Center requesting a refund. Yet again, the response was a copy & paste canned response but, rather than being about my refund request, it was simply an email stating that I would get my serial number "soon". The e-mail then carried on by giving me a step by step guide of how to input my serial number into Adaware Lavasoft - Do you support people bother to read e-mails? I will send one more e-mail via the support center requesting my refund. If I get another canned response that does not properly address the contents of my email, my next port of call will be Element 5 & Visa. Should anyone from Lavasoft read this and feel like contacting me directly....nevermind, I know that wont happen.
  4. If this wasn't so frustrating it would be comical. Didn't you guys at Lavasoft bother to test your "registration process" before the release of 2007? It's such a shame to see this get everyone hyped up and eager to use the brand new release only to let down all of your existing loyal customers with a catalogue of errors that should really have been isolated weeks if not months before release!
  5. No e-mails here either. Can't say that I am suprised though.
  6. 83 views and 2 reponses from non-lavasoft employees who are in exactly the same problem. I am officially going to request a refund on my purchase as I purchased on the understanding that I would get a free upgrade to 2007 Professional when it was released. This has not come through so, as far as I am concerned, that is breach of contract and I will contact my credit card company to arrange a charge back if I get no joy from Lavasoft by the end of this week.
  7. Ok so I may be blind but, I can't figure this out to save my life. I have a valid 12 maintenance contract purchased 18 Jan 07 for Lavasoft SE Professional which works a treat. After the shambles that is the roll out of Adaware 2007, I noticed yesterday that the "Support Center" finally showed a download link under "My Resources" for 2007. So, I duely uninstalled SE, rebooted and installed 2007 to be immedaitely prompted for a Serial number. Where on earth do I get this from? I have been through every link under "Support Center", checked every e-mail I recieved from element 5 / Lavasoft when I made my purchase back in January and I never recived a serial number. I even sent a support e-mail via Support Center and got a complete waste of space canned response which indicates to me that no human being actually bothered to read my email in full and which was totally pointless. Since lavasoft seem to be either unable or unwilling to answer, does anybody out there in the big world wide web have any clues? Cheers! Mark
  8. Hi spike - thanks for your reply. Yes I did purchase it through element 5 and yes. I have reference number...thankfully I made a note of it when going through the online purchase. How do I go about getting this information into lavasoft's purchase database? Thanks in advance, Mark
  9. Purchased Ad-Aware Professional yesterday and it installed and runs fine but, the confirmation e-mail told me to visit to access the customer center and use my email address and the password in the confirmation email to log in. Well, I have been trying several times over the last 24 hours and every time, i get the message "Error in login: Person not found!". Anyone got any ideas what I am doing wrong or how to correct this?