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  1. This is a false alarm. This is a backup of MSN Messenger made by A-Patch. Ad_Aware_20080509_15_58_31.log
  2. Ad-aware crashed after updating. Attached crash data. 1399_appcompat.txt
  3. I'm trying to prove that the software is crashing instead of closing...
  4. Aren't you going to investigate this issue?
  5. New definitions 0025 seems to solve the problem. I got tracking cookies again.
  6. All right. I found a way to copy the crash log. Here it is. b662_appcompat.txt
  7. I found a reproducible crash when updating Ad-Aware under Windows XP SP2. When Ad-Aware is searching for updates online I right-click on the taskbar icon and select Close and immediate crash. Windows shows information and creates that usual temporay appcompact.txt but I can't open Windows Explorer while the crash windows is open. When I close the crash window, the text file is deleted. Also, Ad-Aware doesn't seems the write exception to disk although that option is enabled.
  8. Well, I already uninstalled it and I'm now using SpyBot. Goodbye Ad-Aware...
  9. Yes, but if your run Ad-Aware again it will re-enable the service again.
  10. Microsoft itself does not support Windows 98 anymore, why sould Lavasoft support? It is not easy to maintain support for Windows 9x OS and most costumers now only use Windows NT based SO's like XP or Vista.
  11. I'm using Ad-Aware products for quite some time, and for me it is the best anti-spyware. But with the new 2007 version you've also introduced a new unwanted feature: a all-time running Windows service, which was not present in previous versions. I was wondering why do we have to have that service allways on, even if we don't used realtime monitoring? I personally hate software which uses services or drivers for everything. I was hopping you would remove that service after the beta program was over, but I was wrong. And it's not possible to even run Ad-Aware without the service running.
  12. Please check the attached file. It is the log file Ad_Aware_20070317_17_59_47.txt
  13. Also cookies are not bad, this is a freeware sound player
  14. Ad-Aware 2007 is reporting the following tracking cookies from Firefox as bad: - Perfectly regular discussion forum - Perfectly regular tech news site - Bittorrent tracker I think you should consider whitelisting this cookies because they're login cookies to those services.