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  1. Hi matmat, Thanks for providing so much detail. The detection is a false positive and will be removed within the next few updates/within a few hours. LS Andy
  2. Hi igornn, If you're reporting a false positive, can I ask you to read the guide for reporting false positives here and upload the requested info please? Thanks, LS Andy Lavasoft Malware Lab
  3. No need to worry abut your passwords, although, this might be a good opportunity to consider setting different passwords for all your online accounts and setting up 2 Factor Authentiction on any of your accounts that provide it, if you haven't done so already. This site lists services that support 2 Factor Authentication, so if you use any of these services, it's recommended to enable it: I use KeePassX as my password manager and Authy to keep track of 2 Factor Authentication tokens. KeePassx: Authy:
  4. Hi PEllis, Thanks for uploading the file. This appears to include a cryptocurency miner script (multiple references to CryptoNight, typically used when mining Monero) that runs when visiting the web page. These pages usually run the script without the user's consent, which is why it is included in the detection database. As an aside, it looks like, more AVs have started to detect it:
  5. Can you upload the file to this thread please?
  6. Thanks for your report, kres0345. The file is no longer being detected. Regards, Andy Adaware Malware Lab
  7. Hi sayatoosoft, Thanks for your report. The file SayaSub2.exe (md5: f7ef21ea45882fff513cdb5c96fe2c13) is no longer being flagged by Adaware. Regards, Andy Adaware Malware Lab
  8. Hi mcoueron, Sorry for the late reply. We've just migrated to a new version of the forum software and we're having some unexpected issues with settings that didn't migrate properly, like file uploads not being permitted and email alerts on new posts not being sent. In the meantime, can you post a link to the file that's being blocked so I can download and check it out? Thanks, Andy Lavasoft Malware Lab
  9. Hi olegas22, The detection is a false positive and has been fixed. Thanks for your report. Regards, Andy Lavasoft Malware Lab
  10. Hi rickvoid, Thanks for the additional information. If I've understood correctly, Ad-Aware isn't alerting that it has blocked files, rather, Ad-Aware appears to be conflicting with the Twitch app and stopping it from running: .. and when you kill Ad-Aware, Twitch runs: I was able to recreate this and I've notified the development team about this for investigation. Thanks for letting us know. Regards, Andy Lavasoft Malware Lab
  11. Hi olegas22, Thanks for letting us know. We'll re-investigate and report back here. Regards, Andy Lavasoft Malware Lab
  12. Hi, In order to recreate the problem, I need to first install the application that Ad-Aware is interfering with. Can you provide an exact link where I can download the application, or upload the installer here please? Thanks, Andy Lavasoft Malware Lab
  13. Hi synchtw, Thanks for your report. I haven’t been able to recreate the problem. When I visit it invites me to download the Twitch Desktop app, which, when I install, installs without any problems or alerts from Ad-Aware. Can you describe the steps I need to take to recreate the problem? Thanks, Andy Lavasoft Malware Lab
  14. Hi Homeschooled, The detection of the file is a false positive and has been removed from detection. Regards, Andy Lavasoft Malware Lab
  15. Please compress the file with Winzip/Winrar/7zip or similar before uploading.