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  1. Ad-Aware receives its first certification from

  2. Lavasoft Security Bulletin Mar/Apr 2012:

    1. CeciliaB


      I hope it will be interesting and that you will have some time exploring San Fransisco, too. :)

  3. Working on update issues

  4. I've just been 'liked"! Liked. Not licked.

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    2. CeciliaB


      I guess that is best when you are at work ;)

      Save the other until you are at home :D

    3. LS.Andy


      @ CeciliaB - just laughed out loud on the bus. Normally people look at you like you're mad, but a guy asked what I was laughing at. I showed him this thread. He laughed too.

    4. CeciliaB


      I'm happy since "A good laugh prolongs your life" :D

  5. I've just been 'liked"! Liked. Not licked.

  6. Learning how to use the new forum software