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    Service Unavailable Ad-aware not Activated

    Tried the uninstall both AA and MBAM then reinstall AA, without search bar. Got the 'Not Activated' deal and attempt to run started, but then seemed to stall out as before. I had AVG in service at the time, is that the issue now. I *think* I had disabled it the first time I installed AA and had the problem, but did have MBAM installed that time. Beginning to reach point of diminishing returns as earlier versions never seemed to do much, but then my po ol memory may be a tad fuzzy on that. What now... how many hoops does one have to jump thru just to get one lil ol program to install and play nice with other equally valued apps. It's getting to be jes a tad annoying... ';) TIA, sc.alt.1
  2. scoleman.alt.1

    Service Unavailable Ad-aware not Activated

    Hi CB... Is it generally best to Uninstall programs using their included Unistaller such as MBAM has, or to do it via the Control Panel Add / Remove function? AA as installed in my case this time does not have one, but I noted the MBAM does. TIA, sc.alt.1
  3. scoleman.alt.1

    Service Unavailable Ad-aware not Activated

    Thanks for the prompt response. I'll give it a try first chance I get and try to remember to let ya know how it works out. sc.alt.1
  4. scoleman.alt.1

    Service Unavailable Ad-aware not Activated

    Before trying to install the new Ad-Aware I had upgraded MBAM to V2... Uninstalled old AA.... Installed new AA... Over 24 hrs. later some of it was installed but it was still trying to 'Initialize'... Cancelled further 'installation'... Search Bar in place and appears to work... Invoked AA via Decktop Icon and go the dreaded Balck Banner w/ 'Service Unavailable' ringy dingy... and 'Not Activated' red flag in Header... So, what do you suggest I tell MBAM to do or not do, appropriate settings to make, etc. and then what to do about getting AA to install and perform... TIA... sc.alt.1