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  1. I downloaded the file and installed it.... but when i push it, this black window opens (like dos) and after a few seconds it just closes. So...is it doing something 'behind the scenes' or am I doing something wrong? lol thanks, Nyn
  2. And i'm sorry for my late reply. Life kinda took over You might be glad to know it's doing the restarting less.... like once every few weeks now....(and it just did it now) which means that there's still something amiss. I tuned up the Tune up Utilities like you said, however the actions there did not match with the ones you describe. Meaning I did not find a registry cleaner. I found the 'Tuneup Registry Defrag, where it said that it repairs registry errors. And I've done the defragmentation (which took a while) and it said it corrected all the registry errors. But the computer still restarted itself yesterday and today (after ages not doing that). So I don't know. I'll be sure to download the: User Profile Hive Cleanup Service. I'll post again with an update. thanks, Nurit
  3. Well, apparently having everything up to date isn't enough. I updated most of the things..... I mean, the optional ones I skipped cause one of them was HUGE.... but anyway, it restarted itself with the error again today. Weird thing is that it says the minidump file was created on the 26th which is today....and modified on the 24th which was two days ago.... O_o Anyway I emailed you the minidump file. I'm thinking that if this goes further and you don't manage to figure out what's wrong....i'll just have to to the restoring deal though i'm really not in the mood for it *lol*....such a long and painful process of updating everything again... *sigh* Nyn
  4. I just noticed....the ones i updated are the recommanded ones. There are also three optional ones: Synaptic touchpad Drivers ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery (appears twice) should I install them as well? Nyn
  5. I installed the Audio driver and the Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver (Q888111). I installed the ThinkVantage System Update package as well. And these are the stuff it wanted to update, which I did: Lenovo care for notebook PC Windows XP hotfix-KB896613(english) BIOS Update N100/C200 Adobe Flash Player Plugin Adobe Flash Player ActiveX So....waiting time again? Nyn
  6. And it did it again today....Emailed that mindump file as well. Too bad too....it didn't do it for 4 whole days....so I was hopeful. So....what now? O_O Nyn
  7. Sent you the .dmp file. Did the search, no Dr.Watson dmp files found as far as I can see. Nyn
  8. It showed the error again and restarted. It first shut down Word, saying it had an error. Then ICQ. Then MSN. And only then did it show the blue screen of death and restarted. So I guess it wasn't the antivirus. Should I send the new .dmp file? Nyn
  9. Email sent. I uninstalled McAfee and Installed AVG. Hopefully it helped. Nyn
  10. Yes, it just did the error again...and the self restarting. I guess it wasn't that after all *sigh* What's next? Nyn
  11. *laughs* I chose Yes to all. I might be bad with computers....but not that bad Ok, i'll wait for the next crash. Thanks, you've been a lot of help! Nyn
  12. Ok, done When I was installing it, it said that some of the files already existed in the folder. So i'm unsure if I updated it or just installed it when it was already installed. Anyway.... do I just wait now to see if it happens again after I did the installation? Nyn