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  1. Not only can I not register my newly purchased AdAware 2007, Plus I cannot run the program. It seems the download is not complete. After downloading, uninstalling and reinstalling at least 7 times, it still does not work. All the settings are correct, firewall, etc. My SE Plus still works fine. I had to uninstall it prior to the new version (which does not work) and had to, in the end, reinstall it in order to have some monitoring. I have sent so many emails to customer support and technical support about all the issues I am getting tired of no response from anyone. If I asked for my money back I would hear, I guess, sooner if not immediately. I have been a very happy customer until this point and have had the programs for a long, long time. It seems the rush to get the new program released is taking priority over good customer service. Hoping for a resolution soon. lilbees