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  1. Having wasted half a day yesterday and, apart from CeciliaB, having received no tech support I decided to completely flush out all the old remnants of past and current versions of adaware from my PC. There was quite a bit some going back to 2006 anyway having done that I decided to look for an alternate provider of version 12 and download.com got the job. I got version 12 up and running. Problem solved.
  2. I attempted to send the other files but it stated they were too big. Perhaps one of your wizards can attach to my PC and grab them?
  3. Hi CeciliaB I had already checked the MS updates and am fully up to date. I did a complete uninstall of Adaware software and started again from scratch however the result was EXACTLY THE SAME!!! So I guess I will have to get used to working without the assistance of Lavasoft & Ad Aware. Perhaps in a few months somebody will discover their mistake and rectify the problem and maybe somebody might let me know. Cheers
  4. Over the past 3 days I have attempted to download and install the new version and all I seem to finish up with is version 11.12.945.9202 which occasionally states it is the latest version! When installing it always seems to go to the page that talks about previous versions of windows ie. XP Vista etc. I am running Windows 7 (64bit) and do not intend to change anytime soon. I filled in a support form yesterday but have heard nothing. Am I the only one who is having a problem?
  5. @CeciliaB Thank you for your reply and Yes I will take you up on your kind offer.
  6. You are, of cause, correct. I was under the impression that the moderator was a Lavasoft employee.
  7. [quote]I think you need to restart the computer so that Ad-Aware drivers can be started or something else in Ad-Aware that only occurs during start of Windows.[/quote] I think the phrase "Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs" applies here. I have been in the busines for a long time! I am only trying to communicate with the writers of this software that when somebody excepts the option of NOT installing A-W Live then the software continually complains that it requires a reboot to fix it which it does not! This should be rectified with the next update. Yes, of cause, I rebooted and to satisfy you I re-installed it again, with A-W Live this time and as far as I can see there is no way to turn it off completely without doing another re-install etc. etc. And yes I did not notice that this board, unlike most of the others, does require a ticked box. Silly old me.
  8. @CeciliaB I couldn't remember either so I re-installed 9.6 again and in one of the first screens there is an option for ad-Watch Live which I unchecked and in my new ad-Aware window I have Ad-Watch Live! Real=time protection: Off and in my start bar it says Please restart....... . So this is obviously a software glitch and somebody needs to fix it! Also I have registered for instant notification of replies to monitored topics this is also NOT happening.
  9. I have AVG Free installed BUT with Anti-Virus disabled!
  10. I have just uninstalled the latest adaware because it kept asking to be rebooted to install the Live option. I then re-installed it and specifically told it not to install the live part. IT MADE NO DIFFERENCE it is still saying: "Please restart your computer to finalise installation of Ad-Watch Live!" Can someone please tell me HOW to stop this event.
  11. Well I have DEP disabled normally, because of the trouble it caused me, however I still have problems with AW2007 - A smart scan runs and finishes whereas a full scan never finishes!
  12. If you bothered to read CAREFULLY my post you will notice that I could not see HOW TO UNDO the immunization - I was using the latest version. Which is why I uninstalled it AND if you then RE-READ the Spybot Uninstall notice you will see that it completely removes it. I also removed Opera because, as it turned out, that WAS the culprit and I wasn't using it anyway. You should be thankful that a customer now has a working system - no thanks to LS Calamity Jane ....."EDIT" @davegthomas You are entitled to state your opinions, but please watch your language - see Forum Rules - You must read this before posting! That aside, there is a saying (old but relevant) - civilty costs nothing and achieves a great deal.
  13. LATER UPDATE I deleted the application where Ad-Aware appeared to be crashing and ran AAW again - NO CHANGE but then I noticed that it had stopped in the same place and on checking found that although windows had removed the application it had not deleted the files! So I deleted the files and ran AAW again - miracle on miracles it ran and completed the smart scan. I asked it to delete the tracking cookies it had found and ten minutes later it is STILL DELETEING them very slowly! Just a little more data for you: I am running the new improved, not SP1, version of Vista Ultimate and the application I deleted was OPERA9.2 I hope the above helps somebody else
  14. O.K. Lets remove some FUD! As I could not see a way of turning off Immunization in Spybot S&D I REMOVED it completely from my machine. I ran your software again and received the same error message AGAIN. Seemed to be slower this time but appeared to fall over in the same place scanning cookies! Next suggestion please.