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  1. Ok, it works now, even with firewall on (Ad-Aware is on the allowed list). I guess it must've been due to a lousy connection, this problem showed up too when the Taiwan quake about 1 month ago messed up the cables... Thanks for your help anyway.
  2. Somehow, my WebUpdate thingy just doesn't work. It always goes to "Retrieving update: 5%", then says "Error retrieving update". I've tried all the methods suggested on the Lavasoft website, and even disabled my firewall, but AdAware still can't update. I finally got the update manually though, but why doesn't the updater work, and how do I fix it, or do I just have to resort to manual update from now on? I'm using the free version "Build 1.06r1", and I now have definitions "SE1R150 09.02.2007", obtained manually. Thanks.